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Best Time To Workout In The Morning or Evening To Gain Muscle

Written by Thalib Tantary

Regardless of the time of day, regular exercise has important contributions to health.

Experts say that when a high athletic performance is aimed, the exercises performed in the late hours or evenings are more effective. Biological clock is probably affecting exercise. Exercises in the morning (perhaps because the muscles are harder, the joints are more resistant) cannot provide enough performance. If you want the heart and lungs to work better during the exercise, they advise you to choose the evening hours instead.

If you ask me, this is a bit about the personality. Some people are like robins. They wake up early in the morning and enjoy more than exercise. Some are full night owls! He enjoys exercising later in the day, even in the evening.
The number of studies on the timing of exercise is quite high, and the results are highly contradictory. Some experts say the basic point is about heart rate. The higher your heart rate when exercising, the more benefit you get.
In the morning exercise, the heart rate is not as high as in the evening hours. However, keeping the heart rate too high is not correct. The maximum heart rate (which is when you get out of your age at 220) should never be forced unless you have a very serious exercise and you should be able to achieve a pulse rate of up to 80% of this speed.

My suggestion is that if you are a regular exerciser and if you have the time, you can usually switch the exercise to evening hours. There is no need to insist that if you have a weight loss effort, or if you feel yourself more able to enjoy your morning walks, then I will exercise in the afternoon and evening.

Everyone’s metabolism is different, and the biological clock is working for everyone. For this reason, you will give the best decision by listening to your body, but if you are the one who is aiming for performance, I recommend you to work out in the afternoon.

1. Top 10 For Summer Diets

Calorie cool drinks that you consume to quench your thirst during the summer, shift from evening meal to summer, only those that you try to spend with salads but exaggerate snacks are some of the elements that sabotage your weight loss. Tips on how to eat healthy, lose weight and protect your weight when you enter the summer

  1. Do not say spor Summer does not take sports from the cold in the winter m. Take light walks, take walks …
  2. Use your kitchen a little more frequently with the slogan lender Do it yourself in it and try your diet with a healthy menu.
  3. Does your frequent eating break your diet? Then why not try the different tastes you prepared at home?
  4. If the portions grow, it is time to regain control. Suggestions for portion control next week.
  5. The reasons for consuming vegetables and fruits in summer are increasing. This is the easiest way to lay energy on your diet.
  6. List the habits you need to change while dieting and share it with your dietician: Determine your diet style.
  7. Don’t pass your hunger, don’t forget to keep your blood sugar under control, not to suppress your hunger!
  8.  Get label information, don’t just stick to the calorie on the labels, but also check the fat content of a light-free product.
  9. Limit salt consumption.
  10. Water loss from the body is high for these days.

2. Not All Calories Are The same

The general belief and rule has been değ calorie calorie for years di, it doesn’t matter where and how it is gained, it saves equal amounts of weight in each food calorie rate id but this opinion has changed quite a lot in recent years.

For example, although the same food group, that is, they are in carbohydrate structure, but the weight gain of bananas and apples are different. So 100 calorie bananas with more than 100 calories of apple can gain more weight.

Because bananas increase blood sugar faster than apples, causing more severe insulin fluctuations.

A similar situation is important when fat, carbohydrates and proteins are separate. The reason for this is that the nutrients we eat are different in the calories spent in the body. While only 3 percent of the calories contained in the fat taken during the metabolism of the food are consumed, 25 percent of the carbohydrates are converted into fat. This ratio is further increased when the proteins are converted into fat.

For this reason, proteins provide less fat than carbohydrates and carbohydrates.

In other words, the calories taken from fatty foods are more likely to turn into body fat than pasta, bread, bulgur, beans or chicken, fish and red meat.
However, it should be kept in mind that a small amount of fat in foods provides a feeling of fullness.

3. What Are Trans Fats?

If you want less harmful trans fats to enter your body, you should limit the consumption of fried and frozen foods. If you use hydrogenated margarine in your product, be very careful with trans fat.

Keep in mind that there is a high likelihood of trans fats in fast food foods and fries, even salad dressings. There is a possibility that trans fats are too high for sweets and pastries made with full hydrogenated margarines. Also, keep in mind that trans-fatty foods may be more in baked pastry products than in home-baked foods.

Once again, there are strong findings that trans fats increase the likelihood of developing coronary heart disease. In particular, the famous. Harvard study., Which measured the amount of trans fats in 33 thousand women, did not leave any doubt.

As the amount of trans fat increases, your chances of getting coronary heart disease and heart attack are increasing. For this reason, trans fats need to be removed or reduced completely. This point is also an important point for the preservation of heart health from butter to butter.
The good news about this issue is the sensitivity of the food producers. One more time. Keeping away from human-made trans fats is an important step in protecting heart health.

4. Pregnancy Reflux / EROL AVŞAR

The main cause of pregnancy reflux is the negative effects of increased pregnancy hormones on the lower end of the esophagus. The diagnosis is usually made with the history of the patient. Endoscopy is largely unnecessary.

Treatment is not easy. Drug-based advice is very important. They can be counted as not having to gain excess weight, eating less and less, eating for 2-3 hours after eating, smoking, alcohol, coffee and chocolate.

The safest drugs in pregnancy reflux are alginic acid and sucralfate suspension. However, recent studies have found that basic reflux drug proton pump inhibitors are safe in pregnancy.

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