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Complete Guide To Low Back Pain 2109

Written by Thalib Tantary

Waist Exercise, Back Pain Treatment

  1. Avoid weight.
  2. Don’t smoke.
  3. Use a hard bed.
  4. Lie on your back or side. Don’t lie down.
  5. Do not sit on soft surfaces. Sit upright and smooth, support your back while sitting.
  6. Avoid sitting in low places.
  7. Do not carry heavy. Stay away from lock-and-pull activities.
  8. When you need to stand for a long time, put one foot on a support.
  9. Choose comfortable and flat shoes. Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes.
  10. Crouch down by bending your knees to remove items from the floor. Lift the item close to your body.
  11. Avoid rotation-style activities that will force your back on your daily activities. Try to move the body in blocks.
  12. Avoid staying in the same position for a long time. (Too much to sit, sit too much, like driving a long time …)
  13. Stay away from riding style sports.
  14. Reduce stress in your life.
  15. Stay away from activities such as nailing, nailing or drilling.
  16. If you work in the office, get up at regular intervals. Put your favorite items where you can take them without turning the body.
  17. Exercise regularly. Take care to do your exercises slowly

Waist Exercises

  1. Bend your knees in the back, press your feet down. Tummy and buttocks muscles of your stomach by pressing down on the bed. Count up to 10 and relax.
  2. In the supine position, bend your knees by the arms body. Arms and shoulders on the floor, lift your head forward. Count up to 10 and relax.
  3. In the supine position, bend the knees, arms on the side. Extend your arms to your knees and lift your head and shoulders slightly forward. Count up to 10 and relax.
  4. In the supine position, bend the knees on the arms side. Raise your head and shoulders slightly to the right while extending your arms toward your right knee. Count up to 10 and relax. Then repeat the same movement for the left side.
  5. In the supine position, twist your knee and pull your leg with your hand. (Make sure that it is flat in the meantime). Count up to 10 and relax.
  6. In the supine position, bend your knees and pull both legs with your hand towards you. Count-loosen up to 10.
  7. In the prone position, place a thin pillow-roll under your abdomen. Try to lift your head and chest out of bed. Count up to 10 and relax.
  8. In the supine position, pass the towel or sheet roll under your foot as shown in the figure. The other leg won’t get out of bed. Hold the roll on both sides and lift your leg straight. Count up to 10 and relax.
  9. Bride in crawling position on hands and knees. In this position, first try to pit the back completely and count up to 10.
  10. Take care to do your exercises regularly. Do not force your pain limit during exercise.

Injections Are Effective In The Treatment of Low Back Pain

Epidural injections are among the most frequently used methods to control waist and leg pain in recent years. Injection therapies are used in cases of nerve entrapment due to hernias and narrowing of the spinal canal. It reduces the edema in the jammed nerves and helps to control the pain. With the decrease in pain, the patient’s participation in physiotherapy and backbone strengthening programs is facilitated and the return to active daily life is accelerated. The patient’s pain-related period of inactivity is shortened.

What Is The Purpose Of The Treatment And In What Situations?

Injection therapies are used in patients who are not recommended surgery or who have not developed any damage to their nerves due to hernia. It can also treat drowsiness and weakness that may accompany pain. The injection contains low-dose cortisone and local anesthetic. Cortisone is a very potent anti-inflammatory drug. If this drug is injected on edematous nerves and tissues, it takes edema and reduces inflammation. Pain decreases when inflammation decreases. When edema decreases, the nerves begin to do their normal function again, and pain and numbness and weakness decrease together with pain.

Injections may have a transient effect and their effects may last from a few weeks to several months. The main aim here is to enable the physiotherapy program to be started easily and at the earliest stage. The body begins to use its own healing mechanisms at this time, and the inactivity caused by pain exits its vicious cycle. For example, most herniation (hernias) during the first period of pain is great. The pain depends on the chemical effect on the nerve and the edematous effect of the chemicals flowing through the disc. Within weeks and months the disc shows improvement and the flow of chemicals decreases. If cortisone reduces symptoms at the first time, chemical irritation can be eliminated and the pain may not recur. That is, cortisone, it does not directly improve the disc, but the patient’s pain-inaction breaks the vicious cycle and helps the transition to normal life. Speeds up the process.

Epidural injections are sometimes repeated to keep complaints under control. This is often the path to follow if surgical intervention is at risk or if the patient does not want surgery. Especially in elderly patients may be a table with narrowing of the spinal canal. Their walking distance is restricted by leg pain and often requires sitting and bending forward. In Stenosis Disease It called. The narrow canal nerves are very close to each other in the spinal canal. This leads to the payment of neighbors in the immediate neighborhood and soft tissue. The edema channel narrows further. In this case, nerves cannot perform their normal functioning and pain, drowsiness, weakness occur. Epidural steroid injections are administered at 6-month intervals or once a year.

What Is The Target Spot In Epidural Injection?

Epidural When injecting, your doctor will guide the needle into the epidural space. The spinal cord is located within the canal in the middle of the spine. The epidural space is a cavity just outside the dice-shaped sac that surrounds the spinal cord.

Our Injections of Low Back Pain Are Named As Follows;

Interlaminer, caudal, transforaminal injections, facet joint injections and denervation, sacroiliac joint injections. Your doctor will decide on what type of injection to use.

Implementation of The Transaction

Epidural Injection procedures are performed by fluoroscopy (X-ray imaging) device or by computed tomography. The device will allow your doctor to take the radiological image of your spine in full during the procedure and direct the needle to the right place. Thus, the transaction will be made more secure and accurate. After that, you can start the physiotherapy and backbone strengthening program immediately.

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