Definition And Types Of Ecological Pyramids

Here we are going to outline the definition, meaning and types of  ecological pyramids:

1. Definition

An ecological pyramids may be defined as a graphic representation of the numbers or biomass or status of accumulated energy at different tropical levels in a food chain in an ecosystem.

2. Three Types

The ecological pyramids are of three types are as under:

  1.  Pyramid of numbers: A pyramid of numbers is the graphic representation depicting the arrangement of number of individuals of different tropic levels in a food chain in an ecosystem. The shape of the pyramids of numbers may be upright or inverted.
  2. Pyramid of biomass: Pyramid of biomass is a graphic representation of biomass (total amount of living or organic matter in an ecosystem at any time) present per unit area in different tropic levels. Pyramid of biomass may also be straight or inverted.
  3. Pyramid of energy: Pyramid of energy is a graphic representation of amount of energy per unit area in different tropic levels of a food chain. The pyramids of energy are always upright.

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