Definitions and Meaning of Environment

Meaning of environment
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If you are looking for the meaning and definitions given by various experts about the term environment, then you have landed on the right article as this article will make fairly easy for you to understand the concept of environment:

1. Meaning of Environment

Environment in simple words means the physical as well as biological forces that surround an organism. It includes both living and non living factors. To put it in other words, an environment is the collection of all conditions, influences and objects that play a great role in the development of all living beings.

2. Definitions of Environment

Some of the important and prominent definitions about the term environment are listed as:

  • Boring’s Definition: Boring defined the term environment as the sum total of stimulation that a person receives from his conception until his death.
  • Douglas and Holland: All the external forces, influences and conditions that affect the life, nature, behavior and the growth, development and maturity of living beings.

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