Food Chain: Definition, Meaning and Characteristics

food chain meaning
Written by Thalib Tantary

In this comprehensive article, we are going to address the definition, meaning and characteristics of a typical food chain:

1. Food Chain Definition

Food chain can be defined as number of organisms that are hierarchically dependent on each other for food in an ecosystem.

2. Meaning of Food Chain

To understand the concept of food chain, it is lot better if we elaborate it in the form of an example. For instance, a lion that is a carnivorous animal by nature prays on a dear to obtain food for its survival. The dear in turn requires to eat grass for survival. This is a simple example to understand food chain concept. In this way the energy is transferred from one organism to another and therefore constitutes a food chain.

3. Characteristics of Food Chain

Here are 4 main characteristics of a food chain:

  • A food chain involves a nutritive interaction between the living organism of an ecosystem.
  • It is always a straight and proceeds in a progressive straight line
  • In a food chain the flow of energy is unidirectional
  • Any food chain will have from a minimum of three to a maximum of five tropical levels.

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