Honestly: Manual examination saves lives. Every woman after the age of 20 separates 10 minutes once a month and performs a breast self-examination, is the first step in early diagnosis and helps to recognize breast cancer before it reaches the advanced stages.

3. There’s no cancer in my family, and I’m not! False

In fact, only 10 percent of all breast cancer women have breast cancer. However, the risk of having breast cancer in the family increases the risk significantly, the family does not have a history of cancer does not destroy the risk. Genetic predisposition and environmental factors, as well as ‘being a woman’, mean a single risk of breast cancer. Excessive weight, early menstruation, progressive age, late entering menopause, post menopause to see unnecessary hormone treatment, rich in fat, alcohol and smoking use of this risk increases.

4. Mammography is harmful! False

Indeed: Every woman who has no family history of cancer has to undergo mammography from the age of 40. Breast suppression in the mammography is uncomfortable, but it does not damage the breast and usually does not feel pain . The radiation dose is extremely low on new devices. The same amount of radiation dose is taken on a long flight. However, early diagnosis through mammography saves lives. 

5. I’m not cancer when I’m breastfeeding! False

Indeed: there is no doubt that breastfeeding benefits cancer. However, the mass may develop during breastfeeding. If the mass is hard and grows over time, attention should be paid to the risk of cancer. On the other hand, sometimes breastfeeding or obstruction of the milk ducts as a result of infection can be changes in the breast, which is not related to cancer.

6. If there was cancer there would be mass! False

In fact: hand mass in breast cancer is one of the important symptoms, but not the only indicator. General Surgery Specialist Dr. Muzafer Wani  Although the mass is a very important signal; Although the mass does not come. We need to be very careful against symptoms such as nipple, any depressions, discoloration, breast enlargement or deformity, nipple discharge. meme

7. Breast cancer only happens in women! False

Indeed: 1% of all breast cancer patients, although there is a risk in men. In case of hardness or swelling of the breast or under the armpit, it is useful to see the physician immediately.

8. Medicinal plants are more useful than medicinal plants! False

Indeed: Herbal medicines used as ‘healing plants’, which are becoming more common in society, do not have any scientific benefit. On the contrary, instead of damage can damage. Using herbal medicines instead of medical treatment can cause delay in the treatment process and the progression of cancer, and may lead to incompatibility with drugs if used during treatment. Therefore, herbal products should not be used without the physician’s knowledge and approval.

9. Chemotherapy is damaging to the baby when you are pregnant! False

In fact , if there is a delay in the treatment of breast cancer, the risk of spreading the disease increases. Therefore , it is imperative to start treatment without losing time, even during pregnancy . If the diagnosis of breast cancer is made during pregnancy, surgical intervention is preferred because it can be done without damaging the baby according to the stage of the disease. In the first three months of pregnancy, there is no chemotherapy, but it can be made according to the course of the disease and the development of the baby. Radiotherapy is not recommended during pregnancy unless necessary.

10. Cancer is spread if the knife is worth! False

Honestly: General Surgery Specialist Dr. Muzafer Wani ; Iş A completely false belief. On the contrary, cancer carries a risk of spreading in the body because the cancerous tissue is rich in veins and is spreading through the bloodstream through the veins that feed it. This risk is eliminated when it is removed.