The following general safety guide lines for control fluid systems are as under:-

Follow all common guide lines of safety.

1. Store control fluid in dry places only.

2. Do not use pure copper any where in the control fluid system due to catalytic effect in the decomposition of the phosphoric ester.

3. Biological decomposition of control fluid is difficult; control fluid is heavier than water and affects it adversely and therefore it should not be passed into the sewage system.

4. Avoid inhaling control fluid spray clouds or decomposition products.

5. Do not eat, smoke or drink when working with control fluid on parts in contacts with control fluid.

6. Keep control fluid away from foodstuffs.

7. Keep control fluid away from skin, eyes and clothes.

8. After handling control fluid, wash hands immediately.

9. If control fluid gets into eyes, sponge carefully and rinse with large quantities of water. Obtain medical attention if irritation persists.

10. If control fluid is swallowed, give large amounts of salty water to cause vomiting. If unsuccessful, tickle back of patients throat with finger. Obtain medical attention if stomach discomfort persists.

11. All moisture should be eliminated from control fluid system otherwise; the control fluid forms acid components when in contact with water.

12. If skin contact occurs, flush area with water and wash with soap. Obtain medical attention if irritation persists.

13. Chlorine presence in control fluid causes erosion-corrosion at the edges of control components. Therefore all traces of solvents containing chlorine should be removed.

14. Before charging of control fluid system, confirm that all drains are closed.

15. In case of control fluid leakage it should be absorbed by using saw dust or oil binding granules and should be removed quickly.

16. For disposal control fluid may be mixed with saw, dust and burned in incinerating plant or mixed in small quantities of oil used for burning.

17. In case of any major control fluid leakage, fire protection should be activated to give a complete shutdown to the control fluid system.

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