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How To Cultivate A Goji Berries

Written by Thalib Tantary

Goji berry farming , India has become one of the options in widespread across time. It would not be wrong to say that it is a very useful product for human health, grown on suitable lands and in suitable climatic conditions.

Goji Berry trees , especially after the process of upbringing is one of the trees in need of care. We will provide information on all of these topics. Let’s get into details.

What is Goji Berry?

Goji Berry, or worm grass, is an extremely healthy and vitamin store fruit tree that spreads from Tibet to the world.

Today, especially on the effects of weakening on television and social media has become widespread with over a kind of fruit. It is also called Wolf Berry . It is one of the products that are grown in China and started to be cultivated in certain regions of our country in time.

Information About Goji Berry Content

Super fruit with the definition of the fact that much more than this product, vitamins and minerals are also very rich in terms. In particular, we are talking about a fruit that is highly protective of human health. The main components of the wort are as follows ;

  1. Calcium
  2. Potassium
  3. Iron
  4. Zinc
  5. Selenium
  6. C vitamin
  7. the Polysaccharide
  8. Vitamin B2
  9. The beta-carotene

It attracts attention as one of the perfect components in its rich content. Of course, the details related to agriculture is extremely crucial.

How to make Goji Berry (Wolf Grape) Sapling Production?

Goji Berry loves hot weather with surplus in both seeding and growing. Seeds are extremely small when we look structurally. Therefore, cultivation is therefore a product that requires much more attention.

Goji Berry production methods are examined under two separate headings. Let’s examine these methods known as seeding and stiffening methods.


Seeding should be done in hot weather. If insemination is done in a warm environment close to 25 degrees, germination is observed within a few days. It will be much more healthy and efficient to make the insemination process especially in the greenhouse environment.


Steeling method is the production method in greenhouse bags. Greenhouse bags within the appropriate time within a short time will be made to the appropriate production. Moreover, fertilization is much easier with this method.

Goji Berry Soil and Climate Request

Goji Berry grows at a slightly higher altitude as altitude, and particularly healthy in hot air. As the fruit and greenhouse fruit mentioned above, it is possible to produce with two different techniques.


Goji Berry grows much healthier in hot soils. If the desired temperature values ​​are provided in all kinds of soil temperature or shape, it can be produced as a product which is possible to produce.

The needed soils for the most ideal production are slime soils. It provides more efficiency in loam soils that can be clay and sandy. At the same time fertilizer support will be very good.


The hot climate is the ideal choice for worm grapes, especially for efficient production. Production at -27°C and +39°C is very good. In our country, Mediterranean and Aegean regions can be produced in a much healthier way. The shade is not a worthy.

It can be produced in the form of greenhouse and afforestation. Almost every time of the year can be produced when the hot environment is provided. It can be produced in greenhouses in climatic areas where it is hard to experience in winter.

The altitude is ideal as a minimum of 200 meters. In other words, it is possible to grow even in regions with altitudes of 200 meters to 2000 meters.

Goji Berry (Wolf Grape) Irrigation Request and Tree Life

Since Goji Berry is a kind of fruit that hates dryness, it is very important to keep the soil moist. It is important to irrigate the roots extensively at certain intervals in areas that are hot all the time of the year. In particular, we must ensure that the soil does not reach maximum dryness.

When Goji Berry trees or seedlings reach a time of 3 – 4 years, a gradual decrease in irrigation rates is achieved. After this time, the plant can self-moisten, but still need not cut the water at a time.


Goji Berry trees or seedlings can live up to 100 years as long as their roots are not damaged and they do not dry out. We can say that it is a product that develops very fast and can give fruit in a very short time.

Goji Berry Harvest Time

Goji Berry, as mentioned above, is a fast growing and growing fruit species. If grown correctly, it always gives ripe fruit. As harvest time, we can show the hottest times of the year.

It provides the most mature fruit and harvest in a period of 5 months in the months of June to October.

Benefits of Goji Berry

It is a product that emerged from Central Asia and has shown itself among the agricultural activities of our country in time. It draws attention with many different benefits. With its attenuating effect, it is one of the most mentioned products especially in today’s social media. Therefore, his name is known more and more every day. The main benefits;

  1. It gives energy and dynamism to the body.
  2. Reduces and controls the blood pressure in the body.
  3. It is one of the best components of the fight against cancer.
  4. Ideal for stabilizing blood sugar.
  5. It ensures that high cholesterol levels are controlled.
  6. It is used for healthy slimming in a short time.
  7. Increases the quality and function of the cells.
  8. It helps the body to be resistant to diseases.
  9. Helps women increase fertility rate.
  10. Effective for kidney health.

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