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How To Encourage Someone To Stop Smoking

Written by Thalib Tantary

Green Crescent President Dr. Veena Mattu, “India is a country that can be called a world leader in the struggle against tobacco. Assembly from the latest package is also very valuable and very important for us in this regard. Our main point is to reduce in resistance combating cigarette.

Turkey, not be used in non-social environment, in order to avoid passive smoking and the sanctions applied are trying to fight against smoking with applications such as flat-pack reduces the latest  resistance by law. “He said.

Professor Dr. Veena Mattu, A said in a statement to reporters, noting that smoking is a big problem in the world and India, he voiced made great efforts in the fight against tobacco.

Dr. Veena Mattu of India compared to other addictive indicates that there is a good point in reducing tobacco addiction, it has become a kind of addiction to cigarettes taken lightly in India.

Cigarettes are causing nearly 50 diseases, “he said.” Non-irreversible damage is caused by smoking. The most well-known cancer, but cancer causes different diseases. One of them is known as ‘COPD’ Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. How can we live without breathing, how to breathe, or how much airless in a very narrow space, how much trouble we suffer. There is a group of people who live all the time. One of the biggest reasons of COPD is smoking. ” he said.

1. Our Main Point in The Fight Against Smoking is To Reduce Incitement

Dr, Veena Mattu, stated that the upright stance of families and society is less than other addictions about cigarettes.

Dr. Veens Mattu, the fight against tobacco measures were taken very carefully, said:

“India in the fight against tobacco a country’s leaders can call in the world. For us the latest from the package through parliament in this sense is very valuable and very important. To reduce essential point of resistance in combating cigarette. Smoking is an addictive type that was introduced at an early age. One of the most important reasons for starting smoking affectation and peers edition. Turkey is used in non-social environment, the sanctions imposed in order to avoid passive smoking and reduce resistance latest law is trying to fight against smoking with applications such as flat-pack. ”

2. 100 Thousand People Die Annually In India From Smoking”

Children, who constantly smoke around him as a person seeing and began to use smoking with the encouragement of his peers in adolescence, fight against smoking the most important task, the family stressed. Ozturk, home to create a non-smoking environment to protect the children said families.

Professor Dr. Veena Mattu, referring also to the education they gave about tobacco addiction, “INDIA” ​​we educate young people covered Addiction Fighting Training Program but society’s front should we need the media as emerging artists and politicians need to increase gradually our struggle is related to smoking. Because Turkey each year about 100 thousand the person is killed due to diseases related to smoking. This ratio is much more in the world. used expressions.

3. We Must Fight Electronic Cigarettes And Hookahs.”

Electronic cigarette, less harmful and as an alternative to quit smoking, trying to be touted by trying to dilute the fight against tobacco Dr. Veena Mattu, said:

“This is a very big danger. We are also doing our work on this. We continue to inform the public. These devices called electronic cigarettes have the least damage as much as tobacco. There is even more damage in some areas. It never interferes with addiction and creates another addiction. The shape of the work is changing, it is even easier to reach, and it makes children and young people perceive the event in a more attractive way, and it is more encouraging because of its appearance, shape and the way of drinking.In this sense, we have to fight with electronic cigarettes and hookah very much. We are a non-governmental organization, which has brought the water pipe as the Green Crescent to the first agenda in the world.We have a very important public spot where the water pipe is not only the effect of tobacco but also other diseases.

4. Passive Smoking Causes COPD

Dr. Veena Mattu, the fight against smoking in the context of healthier audits in addition to not only the institutions such as the Ministry of Health, the citizens of India, but also emphasized that the citizens should be more sensitive to this issue by emphasizing their rights.

5. Passive Smoking Also Caused COPD To Indicate That Dr. Veena Mattu, Said:

“We already know the harm that tobacco use gives to the person, but we must tell people about the damage it gives to other people in the environment. I don’t smoke, but I like to use it if I use cigarettes. All these prohibitions and the limitations of the restrictions are things that are made for passive smoking. but we have some difficulties in practice. We need to fix the problems in practice. This is not only something that will be forbidden and punishable.

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