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How To Make Money Now 40 Best Ways To Earn Money Today

Written by Thalib Tantary

On this page you will find the best ways to earn money in your spare time, based on our own experience. We’ll be constantly adding new ways to this page, so make a bookmark. And please share your own ideas in the comments!


Would you like to focus on a profitable and money-saving professional business idea? The chicken farm should be considered a great consideration in this regard. If you plan to build a chicken farm, you can focus on building a chicken farm. Building a chicken farm is a short-term profitable business idea and the chances of eggs are very low. In this context, the average capital of 100 thousand pounds can be evaluated with.You will need to prepare a comprehensive business plan to open a chicken farm. And for critical processes, you will need to have a minimum of 30 thousand dollar of additional capital.


You can only make money by working in your own home. There are many business opportunities considered as home office. This is usually done from the beginning of the computer. You can check out our book Home Office Jobs in order to review the works.


You can take advantage of the most important institutions in Turkey, located between KOSGEB grants and incentives for entrepreneurs. KOSGEB has different support and incentive packages for every entrepreneur. If you have an important project, you can evaluate it through KOSGEB. It is free to apply to KOSGEB and KOSGEB has branches in all cities.


Now we have to pay 100 – 200 dollars for the appraisal of buying and selling second hand vehicles. Appraisal is used to create an expense up to 300 thousand dollars, now it is possible to open an expertise shop with more appropriate conditions. The company, which gives many expertise franchises, can buy dealership with an average of 60 thousand dollars.If you are going to open an appraisal office, it is especially important that you are close to auto dealers.


You can make money by investing in a taxi plate. In many cities there is an increase in taxi plates. However, Istanbul should not be evaluated in this context, because there is a big drop in plate prices in Istanbul due to UBER. In relatively new emerging markets, plate prices are doubled every 2-3 years.


Even with more than returns in India cigarette sales figures. Another reason why these sales figures are increasing every day is the fact that they are accessible everywhere. Within this scope, you can establish a branch of cigarette which can be established even with 10 – 15 thousand dollars in regions where competition is low.If you are going to open a branch in cigarette, we recommend you to take a look at dealership opportunities. The profit margin at cigarette branches is up to 70 percent of the turnover.


It is an interesting but valuable method of making money. You can easily search for treasure in accordance with legal regulations in Turkey. Especially if you have experience and experience on historical signs, we recommend you to evaluate. In order to search for treasure and put them on sale, you need to act in accordance with some official procedures.Search for treasure and treasure information about the treasure is in our guide.


Recycling is a business idea that brings both revenue and is very useful for our nature. You can open a facility or office on Recycling. You can also get support and incentives from many institutions for all studies on recycling.


You can also open an open perfume shop. Establishing perfume shops demands much less capital than you might think. The perfume shops, which can be easily installed even for around 10 thousand dollars, can achieve very high profit margins, especially from open perfumes. It is a business idea that provides long-term stability because of the need for additional personnel and no additional costs in perfumery.


Goose breeding, which is not a short-term long-term business idea, is a great business idea especially for those living in the countryside. Thanks to evolving health technologies, geese can be grown everywhere, both eggs and meat provides a very high gain opportunity. A goose that can be bought with 20 pounds can be sold easily after an average of 70 pounds after 3-4 months. The eggs obtained in this period are of course additional profit.


If you have an average capital of over 1 million pounds in this figure, a way to evaluate a capital in the best way to open a fuel station. If you are going to deal with a lot of official transactions, you will have a very serious job after the station installation.Opening a gas station can take a long and laborious process alone. In this context, we recommend you take a look at our guide to Open Gas Station.


demand is still going on for many years young people who frequented the cafe located Play station between points in India. Especially with the release of Play station 4 and the introduction of new generation games accordingly, cafes became a trend. Open a Play station Cafe wants an average of 40 thousand pounds in the capital.If you are not familiar with any profession or experience, we recommend you to consider a simple and short term cash conversion if you are looking for a quick business idea.


A business idea that can be considered for those who have more than 1 million capital. Concrete Batching Plants, India’s economic locomotive is among the most important building blocks of the construction industry. The presence of these plants in many cities causes additional costs for the construction owners. In this context, it is possible to reach high turnovers in the short term in regions with low competition.There are not too many official operations in the Concrete Plants, which is an attractive issue for many investors.


Hydroponics is considered to be a landless agricultural type of the last period as one of the modern work attracts attention. More efficiency and less risk due to host than normal agriculture particularly preferred soil less cultivation in Europe and Western countries, also recently began to take a turn increasingly popular in India.There are many important guides on soil less agriculture. You can access one of these guides from the Hydroponics link. You can also easily get information about soil less agriculture from the provincial branches of the Ministry of Agriculture.

15. OVEN

The baker, who is more preferred by those who are relatively in the sector, is a difficult business idea for those who do not have sector experience. It is difficult to enter the sector, especially since bread masters cannot be found in the market. Today, however, many of the bakers open a new furnace within 2-3 years. Because although profit margins exceeded 30 percent in the oven, bread in the morning in every corner of India, lunch is the most consumed food in the evening.Opening a furnace is a very profitable business idea. If you plan to open the oven, we recommend that you consider cycle and sales opportunities instead of installing a new oven.


If you don’t have the money and you’re looking for a simple business idea to build an average capital, you can sell mussels. If you can get a small place from the municipality in walking paths, you can make a net profit by selling mussels and even 200 – 300 lira at the end of the day. You don’t need any knowledge or experience for medievality, just buy goods from the wholesaler and sell it on the walkways as a mobile.


If you are looking for a money-making breeding idea, you can focus on strawberry. To make strawberry cultivation, you need to live in the countryside, not a short-term business idea, and the cash conversion is slow. If you are planning to make strawberry cultivation, you should say that there are grants in many cities. You can buy strawberry seedlings with very reasonable prices.The most important issue in strawberry cultivation should be paid attention to the air opposition because of the product yield.


It doesn’t want a very high figure to open a merchant. It is also very comfortable to set up the odd shops, which can be installed easily with an average of 20 thousand dollars. Cash conversion in the odd shops is much more. Especially in Anatolian cities, the shops of oddities have important business potential.Although the business potential of such shops has declined in the Western provinces, they are still frequently preferred in Anatolia. You don’t need a lot of serious capital power to open the shop. Even the capital of 5-6 thousand dollars is enough to be able to set up many shops. However, in order to respond to all needs, you will need a capital of around 10 thousand pounds.


Especially in the regions where Aegean, Mediterranean, Marmara and large lakes are located, a store for fishing gear can be opened. There is no competition for such stores. The short-term cash conversion is fast and the cost of installation is low in the fishing gear shops that offer the high profit margin opportunity. It will be an additional advantage for you to employ an experienced personnel in the fishing gear shops that can be established around 20 thousand dollars.


There is always a way to make money if you don’t have capital or if it’s too low. You can earn up to 200 TL per day by selling socks. You can buy socks to wholesalers and leave your identity and sell up to 400-500 socks. After you sell these socks up to 2-3 times in the market, you are taking the main cost of the money to the wholesaler. It is a business idea that can be started without capital.You can sell socks in the market and in the market.


In the markets in almost every street, profit margins are basically low. However, thanks to the high turnover, the markets, which earn a lot of revenue from the version, can easily survive thanks to the very fast cash conversion. If you plan to open a grocery store, instead of staying at the grocery store level, evaluating the supermarket concept will give you more advantages. In supermarkets, especially in grocery products and various low consumption products, the profit margin is high and you can easily increase the overall profit margin of the market.


Especially if you are a housewife, if you plan to contribute to the home economy, you can produce handmade key chains. Especially the key rings produced from felt can be sold very fast. Additional information about the Handmade Felt Key chain guide.


Opening a auto repair shop is a workable idea. The number of vehicles is increasing day by day in India, and also shows an increase in the labor force due to the increase of the repair shop. Particularly, the orientation to the workshops that offer professional service also offers a graphic that is not as high as possible. Opening a auto repair shop is not a business idea that can be started directly.In many cities, municipalities do not allow such workshops to be opened in the city. In other words, you need to find a shop in an area where municipalities allow. Then you will need to hire 1 or 2 experienced and several personnel who are experienced in the sector. Opening an average repair shop requires about 120 thousand pounds of capital.


Different needs for meat and meat products are increasing. Now, instead of butchers, we have been visiting more customers. There are also many dealership opportunities to open the deli. With these opportunities, it is possible to open a very stylish, clean and attractive deli around 130 thousand lira. Although the profit margin in meat and cheese prices is low in singers, the profit margin in other products is very high.


The classic balconies continue to be replaced by glass balconies. Every day, there is an increase in the number of houses with glass balcony. The classic balconies have the potential to earn serious income during this transformation process. Business ideas on manufacturing or installing glass balconies can be evaluated.Especially in regions with temperate climate, glass balconies have a very serious orientation. You can evaluate these orientation opportunities.


exchange offices providing more business volume in regions where the density of tourists, all currently active in Turkey is also a business idea. The average monthly income of these offices is 50.000 dollars.However, opening a currency exchange office is not as easy as you think. There are many official procedures on the subject. For all additional information on the topic, please check out our guide to Open the Exchange Office .


Although a business idea, so keep that in India made a run for the open-air cinema, which many lovers. Open air cinemas cannot be measured because they do not have very serious attempts and they can be built with very suitable numbers. Before opening an open-air cinema, you will have to go to the municipality for the relevant legislation.


Ice rinks are now usually located on the ground floor of shopping malls. The ice rinks, which are usually established between 200 and 400 square meters, attract the attention of children and young people in particular. The weight of synthetic ice rinks in the ice rink sector has increased significantly in recent years. The biggest reason for this is the lack of cooling cost of synthetic ice rinks. The cost of cooling had a large impact on the attractiveness of this sector a few years ago. Now there is no expense like cooling. For this reason, there is intense interest in synthetic ice rink fields which is a very profitable sector.Additional information on the topic How to Open Ice Rink in our guide.


Medical shops, which are among the most logical business ideas for hospital circles, can also be opened quickly through many agencies.If you want to open a medical shop, you must buy and store medical products or take out the dealership and get rid of these storage costs. Both solutions have pros and cons. If you enter the storage business, you can buy the products cheaper and you will not be required for the dealership. However, if you get a dealership, you will be free of all storage costs and the necessary personnel costs for this storage. An average medical shop can be set up for 60 thousand dollars. We recommend you to have a look at the guide to open the Medical Shop .


On the road, the kiosks, which are usually established on 5-6 square meters, can get more turnover from large supermarkets. It is the most critical issue in the kiosks that obtain high turnover especially with monopoly products.A buffet that can easily be established in 10-20 thousand dollars in a beautiful area with permission from the municipality will always be a profitable business idea.


If you have an average capital, and you don’t want to take serious risks, you can focus on dividend investment. Apart from being a comprehensive and statistical issue, the dividend is generally preferred because it provides an average benefit over the years.Which company gives more dividends?


Particularly in areas where students are busy, broiler shops are doing more work. A chicken turnover shop can easily be opened for 30-40 thousand dollars. You have to house 2 staff and often hand out a leaflet to all residences in the neighborhood.


Pied and lacuna hall are among the indispensables of Indian people. The pita and lacuna halls, which are among the most consumed dishes after the done, have been in high sales for many years. But opening a pita – lacuna hall compared to the past requires more capital. Because in such environments decoration has become a very big factor.With 2 staff serving the houses and an elegant restaurant, the lofty pita – lacuna hall can be installed in 200 thousand dollars.


If you can find a shop that can be rented in an area close to schools and universities, you can start a nice job by opening a stylish stationery.Stationery has started to take more jobs recently especially with the increase of photocopying requirements. Opening the stationery is not as hard as you think. India is engaged in the most-term product sales of stationery wholesalers and thus can be made easily in a stationary installation without serious need of cash.


The bread produced by the municipalities is distributed to the citizens of the public bread dealerships in all cities used in the sale of cheap bread is very demanding. Especially in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, the municipalities distribute the public bread dealerships can be taken 50-60 thousand pounds. The average profit margin is around 10 percent.


If you want to start my own business and your province – district has a temperate climate, the idea of ​​starting a great business for you! Do research on the production of ornamental plants. market share grows ornamental plants in India is increasing significantly over time and be able to say this increase will increase further. You will need 1-2 acres of land outside the city to get a place in the sector. On average, you need 100 thousand pounds of capital to set up this business.


There is a significant increase in entrepreneurs entering the fish buffet sector. Especially in the cities and districts where fish are not directly accessible, there are serious business potentials in such fish buffets. You can also get a dealership in the fish buffet, you can set up your own brand. The average capital is around 60 thousand pounds. But the experience in the food industry is very important, so you may want to consider cooperating with someone who has previously been involved in these industries.


nuts sector in Turkey stands out as a significant export item. As agricultural activities, we also offer the nuts sector as a retail sector. Even in the wholesale trade of such a product there is serious profit. An investor who wants to enter the sector on average does not require serious capital power. If you want to enter the nuts sector, you just need connections. For buyers, you should visit the wholesalers site in your city.


On average 1 electric bike can be taken 2-3 thousand pounds. According to your budget, you can rent them by taking 2-3 units. If you want to rent them, you will need to be a shopkeeper or a shopkeeper. Leave these bikes in front of your shop and indicate that you are on rent. Usually students or tourists who want to visit the city show great interest. You leave these bikes hourly by leaving your ID. The average hourly rate is around 20 lira. Even if you take 5 to 10 jobs every day, your money is being paid off in 5-6 months.


There are 1 TL freezing devices. Their average price is between 4 thousand pounds. You can leave these vending machines to 2-3 places. You earn 50 cents on average for 1 TL ice cream. If you can leave it to a busy spot, your daily turnover will exceed 200 – 300 TL. You can buy electricity from them by making a deal with the shops. The average rent will not exceed 100 – 200 TL.


The organic product sector is very active and a sector that is in high demand. You can get serious profit margins from anywhere in the sector. However, if you are not the owner of the capital, you can market for the products of all companies in the sector.Vegetable – are preparing hundreds of organic products company in India. Specify that you want to work on a commission procedure by reaching 1-2 of these companies. They will give you a job, because you make money as you sell. Then immediately open accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus and try to market the products from here.


India and are the most profitable agricultural products as soon as mushrooms as an agricultural activity in the world. India’s territory is very advantageous in this regard. Almost every region has its own fungus species. Some fungi are sold in grams for hundreds of pounds. Instead of trying to obtain clear information about fungi, you can get all the information by going to the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Directorate in each province and district. In addition, there are various incentive programs for some products, and these information are also provided clearly in these directorates.


The state is often preparing grants and incentive schemes to contribute to the economies of people living in the village. Through these programs it is possible to obtain additional earnings in the village. In this way thousands of people in India have the chance to set up their own business. We strongly encourage you to participate in the Young Farmers project, especially if your age does not meet the requirements of this program, a young person living in your home to participate in the program.


Breeding of India has increased in Punjab especially in recent years. Indian breeding is more profitable than chicken and other poultry. This profitability continues to attract farmers’ attention. Also the ministry of agriculture also offers a variety of support for turkey breeding. According to farms established for poultry and other poultry, Indian Breeding Cost is relatively higher.For additional information on the subject, you can browse the Indian breeding guide.

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