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IVF Treatment With Special Facilities In The State Hospital

Written by Thalib Tantary

The families who want to have a baby can receive IVF treatment from the comfort of a private hospital at the Center for the Treatment of Reproduction in Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Training and Research Hospital.

On the European side, the Center for Reproductive Therapies within the scope of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Training and Research Hospital, which is the second tube baby center providing services under the Ministry of Health, ranks first in terms of capacity and size.

In the center where every mother candidate is taken into consideration, which can be applied directly without the need for an appointment, the necessary procedures are initiated immediately for the couples who are decided to be treated.

In the center, in accordance with the conditions specified in the Health Implementation Communique (SUT), people who do not comply with this communique pay a contribution to the people who are in compliance with the conditions stated in the Health Implementation Communique. Those who are eligible for SUT pay 20 percent of the cost of the medicine, while those who do not comply with the cost of medication cover themselves.

On the other hand, embryo, oocyte and sperm freezing processes are performed in accordance with the regulation in addition to in vitro fertilization.

The center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the treatment protocols in private centers are monitored and the center with modern laboratories is waiting for couples who want to have a baby.

“Gave Birth To 2 Pregnant Women”

Tubular Center Responsible Assoc. Dr. Ibrahim Polat, natural ways and other treatments with couples who can not get pregnancy “assisted reproductive therapy” also called the “baby tube” with the application to ensure that they are intended to have children.

Dr. Ibrahim Polat said that since the beginning of January, 125 people started treatment, “All of these patients do not come to the transfer phase. Especially in the advanced age of eggs and eggs can not get eggs in mothers with less eggs. We have transferred to 77 patients so far, 20 of them have been pregnant. So we have a pregnancy rate of around 26 percent. he said.

Application Without Appointment

He stated that since 2000, he had been vaccinated in the hospital, but with the help of this center, he was started to be treated with IVF.

“There are rules that the state imposes on the SUT according to SUT. SUT means the benefit from the state hospital. The patient who meets the SUT has the right to have 3 times a test tube. If the patient has been married for 3 years and has an infertile sterility, he has to have 2 vaccines.After the report is released, the patient pays 744 in the first attempt, 620 in the second and 496 in the third. 3 thousand pounds if the baby wants to have a tube fee and is taking his medication itself. This is about 2 to 4 thousand pounds is kept.

Assoc. Dr.Ibrahim  Polat emphasized that couples can apply for direct IVF without appointment, and that patients who complete the examinations and reports requested by the state are being treated without waiting.

“We Provide Private Hospital Level Services To Our Patients”

This center is one of the two clinics in the tube treatment of the European side that attracts attention Polat, “the first is the Suleymaniye Maternity and Child Diseases Education and Research Hospital, this is the second. Our service is very important here. We start the treatment of 30 patients a month, which is a good figure, but our capacity is able to lift 80-100. Our next goal is to reach 200 patients per month and we want to increase the number of this investment in order to be beneficial to the nation. In private hospitals, we have 2 patients who can not get a result and do not get results.

Dr. Ibrahim Polat, 2 operating theaters and examination room in the center, 1 embryology and andrology laboratory, nurse room, sperm sample giving room, meeting-training room, archive room, patient observation rooms and patient rooms and waiting room and 4 doctors, 6 embryologists, 3 nurses , laboratory technicians continue with the services, he added.

“I’ve Seen More Interest And Relevance Than Private Hospitals”

29-year-old Ayşegül Taşpınar, who had been pregnant on the third attempt with a IVF, said that they started treatment in February and are now 16 weeks pregnant.

Ayşegül Taşpınar, said that he had had a test in a private hospital after a test with a baby with 2 vaccines in another hospital before.

“When I came here, I saw more interest and relevance than private hospitals. We were like family. I got more efficiency than private hospital. I also recommended to my friends who have no children. Even after going to special place, I gave up and came here. My brother’s wife gave birth to here. Allah işim My brother noticed this place and he told me. I changed my way to private way, I came here. I said, ‘Let me try my luck here.

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