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Keto Diet: What Is It And How Will It Help You Lose Weight?

Written by Thalib Tantary

Maybe you’ve recently heard of a miracle called ketogenic or ketone diet. A shortened keto diet. It was popular not only by a number of celebrities, but also athletes, and maybe some of you around. It is intended to ensure rapid loss of fat, to be checked and recommended by doctors, and not to hunt at the same time. And what is it and is the keto diet good for you too?

1. How Does The Keto Diet Work?

The ketogenic diet is based on a scientifically verified fact: When the body does not have enough blood sugar, it reaches for the necessary energy in its own fat stores. The so-called ketones, which serve as a source of energy, begin to produce fatty acids in the liver and, therefore, this natural state is called ketosis.

2. How To Achieve Ketosis?

It is generally stated that in order to achieve ketosis it is necessary to reduce the carbohydrate content to a minimum. It says a maximum of 50 grams per day, even better to download it to twenty. However, missing carbohydrates need to be supplemented with proteins and healthy fats. After two to three days, your body should get into the ketosis status. This trap is most secure with the urine test, which can be bought at a pharmacy.

Experienced dieticians may need to be – this is not such a novelty again! True, a similar Atkinson diet did, like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Aniston or Renée Zellweger, did.

3. What To Eat At A Keto Diet

Recommended foods include meat, fish and seafood, eggs, cheeses and vegetables. The most popular and most preferred vegetables are cauliflower, cabbage, avocado, broccoli, zucchini, spinach, asparagus, kale, green beans and Brussels sprouts. On the contrary, carrots and potatoes are inappropriate. Nuts such as pecan, para or macadam are also suitable. Avoid pistachios or cashews.

4. What About Keto Diet Not Eating?

Conversely, sugar, milk, white rice, potatoes, white flour, pastries (white flour and sweet), pasta, some fruits such as bananas, grapes), alcohol are forbidden. You can drink water, coffee (without milk), tea and occasionally a sparkling wine.

5. Benefits of Ketogenic Diet

The benefits of this diet include that ketones suppress a sense of hunger. Proteins again have a sweet taste of sweet. The fat loss is quite large.

6. Disadvantages Of Ketogenic Diets

It should be noted that ketosis is basically a state of emergency and is not suitable for everyone. Certainly, pregnant or breastfeeding women should not think of this diet. It is also not suitable for patients with diabetes, kidneys or those with heart problems.

The biggest drawback of this diet is the imminent jojo effect. Any diet that does not permanently change at least some of your eating habits brings you the risk of going back to your normal diet. And mostly more than you lose. By the way, it turns out that such a quick crash and gaining has far worse health effects than previously assumed.

If you buy keto preparations in powder, you are scared of shopping and diet, but the transition to a normal diet will be worse. If you are going to cook yourself, be prepared to think a lot about eating and planning a lot. In the first days, you can also feel tiredness, discomfort, and possibly digestive trouble (often constipation) before your body becomes accustomed to the new regimen.

7. For Whom It Fits

The keto diet is suitable for highly obese people who need to lose weight quickly. However, in order to achieve a permanent weight reduction, it is important to start eating healthier and regularly, sleep well and move. If you would like to think about the keto diet, consult your plan and health with an expert.

8. Example of the menu:

  • Breakfast: egg omelet with vegetables
  • or fat yoghurt with vegetables and cheese
  • or scrambled eggs
  • Snack: vegetable dish
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, roast meat, bacon, vegetables
  • Snack: yoghurt, vegetables
  • or yoghurt and forest fruits
  • Dinner: Vegetable plate with cheese or egg and vegetables or roasted meat with vegetables
  • The basic information on whether you are overweight will give you your BMI. Calculate it here.

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