It is the responsibility of every employee to have regard to the safety of others who may be affected by any act or omission either inside or outside the workplace. This duty is reinforced by law:

1. To read and understand the company’s Safety Health and Environment (SHE) Policy and to carry out their duties in accordance with its requirements.

2. To follow the safety procedure in the event of fire.

3. To be aware of the location of first aid boxes, and fire fighting equipment.

4. To ensure that all fire escapes, emergency exits and doors are kept clear and free from obstruction.

5. To report any accident on the appropriate form provided for the purpose.

6. To report any dangerous occurrence not causing injury.

7. To report any faults or defects in plant and machinery.

8. Not to attempt to repair and maintain any plant or workplace or equipment without full instruction or training.

9. To use or wear all protective clothing or appliances applicable to the task.

10. To follow all safe working practices.

11. To use the appropriate equipment when attempting to reach items at high level.

12. To maintain good housekeeping.

13. To report any hazards in the workplace.

14. To undergo regular medical check ups as applicable.

15. Not to willfully interfere with or misuse any appliance, convenience or any other devices provided in the works for the purposes of securing the Health Safety or Welfare of the employees.

16. Not to willfully and without reasonable cause do anything likely to endanger himself herself or others.

17. Not to willfully neglect to make use of any appliance or other Safety Devices provided in the works for the purposes of securing the Health or Safety of the employees.

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