15 Tips for Improving Welding Safety

Carefully read here the fifteen tips for improving welding safety.

1. Welding cables shall be of good quality and maintained properly. A welding cable shall be terminated properly and no joint shall be allowed in its entire length.

2. Power supply to welding equipment shall be switched off during the nonworking period, including short breaks for Tea, Lunch.

3. Every welder shall be provided with an appropriate bag container for the deposition end piece of electrodes which must not be thrown indiscriminately.

4. Arrangements shall be made that welding sparks do not fall down no the person working below or on materials which are combustible in nature which may be damaged by such sparks.

5. No current carrying metal parts of electrically operated heat-treatment equipment shall be properly earthed.

6. No terminal of the heat-treatment equipment shall be bonded/grounded to its frame.

7. Do not use pipelines which are pressurized or contain flammable gases/liquid or conduits carrying electrical conductors for a welding ground return circuit.

8. Welders must not handle the electrode holders from two different machines at the same time.

9. Welders shall not coil or loop welding cables around parts of his body while it is energized.

10. Electrode holders must not be dipped in liquids to cool them.

11. Welding machines shall be controlled by a main switch/mounted on or near the machine frame work such that when switched off, it will immediately cut off the power from all conductors supplying to the machine.

12. Welding circuit shall be so designed as to prevent the transmission of high potential from the source of supply to the welding electrodes. Electrodes welding machines shall be provided through earth voltage circuit breakers.

13. Return conductors shall be taken to the work and securely connected mechanically and electrically to it or to work bench floor etc.

14. When secondary welding cable is required to lengthen, only insulated conductors shall be used. Cables ends which shall be connected to welding machines shall be provided with cable lags, crimped such that cable lead can not come in contact with machine metallic bod.

15. The electrode holders shall have adequate current carrying capacity with good insulation to prevent shock, short circuiting or flashes.

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