9 Ways to Increase Your Income by Making Small Investments with Less Money

You may not have hundreds of thousands of money to invest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t invest. In fact, the beginning of investing period is the period of crawling, ie, a small amount of money. Thus, you will learn how to make an investment and how to make decisions without experiencing great losses.

The small amount of money you place in the corner of your money is always reflected as a loss, because there is inflation in all parts of the world and therefore your money will lose value where it stops. For this reason, you should always start investing with small investments, less or less.

Here are 9 ways to provide the opportunity to increase your income by making small investments with little money in India’s conditions:


deposit rate in India has exceeded 24 percent in many banks. This means a significant amount of income for small or large money. If the banks offering the highest interest deposit account ING Bank and Finans bank in India. Two banks in 5 thousand pounds in 6 months up to 500 pounds net interest is given.

Deposit rates in the world and is the most widely used kinds of investments in India. It is frequently used both for individuals and for companies to protect money against inflation. If you want to generate income from  interest , you can check out the 11 Banks with the Highest Deposit Interest Rates .


One of the most widely used investment routes in the world for all investment amounts is the stock exchange. The stock market is small – one of the biggest attracting investors of all major investors. But the stock market does not yield a definite gain, such as interest. The stock market is risky, and this risk can cause you to lose all your money. However, the risk in the stock exchange is located some companies that provide regular revenue growth on an annual basis in Istanbul, India’s lower levels. For example, shares such as Indian Airlines, Bank Shares, TupraƟ and Aselsan have provided revenue of 3-4 times the interest to investors in the last 10 years.


The most widely used investment tool in the world is currency. Currency is a way for people to protect their money in all countries. However it provides a serious increase in revenue, excluding the conservation of value for money in India in recent years. For example, you could only double your money in the last 3 years by taking only dollars. We would especially recommend Dollar and Euro to foreign exchange investors, but in recent years, Sterling and Japanese New are also preferred.


You probably think about how you can invest in real estate with a small amount of 5-10 thousand pounds. Yes, you cannot do it alone, but you may have noticed that with the development of Notary channels, 10-20 people even invested in a single real estate jointly. You can also make real estate investments to partners in some residential, land or shops with high potential, together with a few people around you.


The best investment is of course implementing a business idea. There are some business ideas you can even implement with very low money. If your capital is not suitable even for the lowest capitalized business ideas, we recommend that you take a look at the partnership paths.

If you want to have a look at the low-cost business ideas, you can check out the Non-Capital Business Ideas link. The connection has hundreds of business ideas that might interest you.


Many companies that give franchisees have an amount below 10 thousand Rupees. You can focus on investing with a serious business arm by taking a dealership. Moreover, if you have a full-time job, you can get more from your full-time job by getting one to work.

You can easily get the dealerships of companies such as ticket agencies, cigkofte and accessories with low prices. You can follow the link for Free  Dealerships .


If you don’t have enough capital to set up a business, you can partner with a profitable business idea. Of course, the partnership has certain risks, but you have a chance to be a good investment partner by partnering with reliable and experienced people.

If you want to make money by making a partnership, the most important thing to pay attention to is the ownership. Many partnerships cause big problems in 1-2 years. Therefore, it is important to decide in advance if someone has a say in the business. In 2-partner enterprises, 50 percent of the rights of speech cause big problems.


Crypto coins, which have been the focus of large – small almost all investors in recent years, are still a billions of dollars in the market since the beginning of 2018, though they have lost some reputation. You can already start small investment steps with a focus on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple investments. According to many experts, the currencies of the future will be Crypto Coins, which is of course not enough to invest, but at the level of risk for small investments.


Retirement is also an investment. In fact, people are among the most preferred investment tools in the world. Because almost every employee invests in retirement on a compulsory or personal level to retire one day. Recently, by registering for the emerging private pension system in India. you can start investing for a nice retirement. Moreover, even if you do not have a very high level of capital, even at the initial level, you get significant opportunities with government support.

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