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A Complete Guide to Becoming a Personal Trainer

If you like fitness a lot and you want to share it with other people that might annoy with exercise, becoming a personal trainer might be the best career that you can afford. There are many ways on how to become a personal trainer. By following the ways, you will be able to become a professional trainer that will be very great for you. The followings are 10 things you can follow to lead you to become a personal trainer.

  1. Own a multitude of skills. To become a successful personal trainer, you should become a nice person who loves his job. You will need to have the ability to motivate, nurturing, being patient, being organized, being persistent and being a good listener. And the most important thing, you should be able to lead your clients to live healthy by becoming a model for him/her.
  2. Get certification. You will find that there are some organizations provide certification for a trainer. For this, you should take some classes, exams, and workshops to get your certification.
  3. Decide your specialty. Actually, this is not a requirement to become a personal trainer. But, if you have specialty certification, you will have more things to offer. With such specialty, you can give maximal services to your clients.
  4. Find fitness clubs or gyms to get a job. Ask those clubs and gyms whether they need a personal trainer. Apply for this job and have a career in this field.
  5. Start your own business. If you have had the money and the experience that you need for becoming a personal trainer, you can start your business. Make sure that you have anything needed for business such as setting your gym, getting liability insurance and more.
  6. Market your business. You can put an advertisement in the local newspaper or make flyers, business cards and other types of marketing to introduce your service as a personal trainer.
  7. Improve your skills. You should always learn to become a better trainer in order to give the best services to your clients. For this, you can continue your education in this field to get the certification.
  8. Make your clients need you. You should improve your skill, talent, and experience to make your clients believe that you are the best personal trainer that they can find. For this, you can join the national organization, attend personal trainer workshop and other.
  9. Have another alternative. A personal trainer does not have to work at the gym. You will still be able to work at corporate fitness, cruises, resorts, spas and more. Or, you can consider fitness writing, athletic coaching, consulting and other options that you can afford with your skill.
  10. Be professional. You have to make sure that you give what you can give to your clients. Also, you have to make sure that you guide your clients to the correct things. Give your best service!

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    Stu has a course too, but he also has a bunch of free articles that are very helpful.

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