Best 100 Ways You Can Make Money Right Now

Are you looking for a way to start earning money now? When things are tense and your back is against the wall, there is a way forward. In fact, there are many. Especially if these revenues are generated online. The best part? We’re so interconnected that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to make money from your home almost immediately.

What do you need? You may not even need a laptop. Your tablet or smartphone may be enough. And of course you need an internet connection. Such a healthy mind can help you. Along with the ability to stay focused and enduring, no matter what.

So, if you’re determined to make some money, and you do not have to wait weeks or months, then you have to do that. At first, do not expect your fingers to reach out and get rich. This is not an article. Now you can earn money online in the following categories:


There are many investors who entered the aircraft and helicopter rental business in Turkey in the last period. These investors enter this sector with an average capital of 6 million dollars. If you have a serious capital, you can achieve serious business transformation in the short term. A 1-hour helicopter rental fee in Istanbul over 2 thousand dollars.


Apartments do not consist of 5-10 apartments as before. Each day more than 50 – 100 apartment apartments began to enter our lives. In this case, there is no chance of dealing with the problems of all apartment residents. For this reason, especially in the Western provinces, the establishment of apartment management services appeared. 5-6 experienced staff and an office can be entered into this sector. Your primary goal is to try to get jobs from the big apartments in the city. Therefore, prepare a nice catalog and list the services you provided.


Especially to provide several pieces of antique cars is near impossible in India. You can provide a service in this regard. Particularly with the US and Chinese oak, you can buy more than 500 percent of these parts at cheap prices. Some of the owners of antique vehicles can easily access social media.


Simple but very fast business idea of ​​cash conversion. In almost every neighborhood in India it is now possible to find a car wash. In the car wash shops, which can be established even with an average of 15 thousand dollars, the turnover of 400 – 500 dollars at the end of the day is easier than you think. If you plan to open a car wash, we also have a detailed guide. You can reach the phone book from the Car Washing Open link.


A business idea that has existed for centuries. Real estate is an effective business idea where serious gains can be achieved in a short time. You will not need a capital out of basically a small office to do real estate. In fact, there are a lot of people who do this without their office. The important thing here is to manage to find customers for shops or homes that are sold or rented. In the rental process, you earn 2 times the rent of one month, on the average you will receive 5 to 8 percent commission on sale.

It is a beautiful business idea that started without effective and capital. Evaluate if your human relations are strong and your environment is wide.


You can earn money from this job by bringing a group or artist to a specific place. For example, in every city in India, the county’s thousands cafe. Or there are huge concert areas. You can earn money from ticket sales by bringing various artists to these areas or cafes. Currently, a significant income from almost all organization companies comes from concert organization.


Insurance is a profitable and non-capitalized business idea. Instead of opening a basic insurance agent, you can give insurance brokers for corporate companies. Insurance brokers show the study to offer the most appropriate insurance opportunities for an enterprise’s insurance transactions. For example, if a firm is paying a total of 50 thousand dollars for dozens of different companies for all insurance needs, you will try to offer a single company to get the job, and you will look for a way to keep the number lower.


Restoration services can be provided for buildings damaged due to various reasons. For the restoration of the damage, of course you will need to set up a company. However, especially with the restoration tenders can earn serious revenues.


To use the hotel spa centers in India or the absolute need to make huge spa centers or weekly pay thousands of pounds. However, a spa center service can be offered with suitable options for citizens. You will need an average of 200 thousand dollars capital to open a spa center. There are big shortcomings in Spa centers especially in Punjab. It is a business idea that needs to be evaluated and save money.


India launched a major urban regeneration project in the state. In this context, 7-8 years ago, 10-20 buildings per week throughout the country was carried out demolition, now the figure is expressed as thousands per week. Demolition contracting can be considered as a future business idea. The average capital amount can exceed 420 thousand dollars. There are 2 main machinery needs for demolition, and they hold an average of 70 thousand dollars.


Interesting, but a business idea. People now need a variety of fitness tools to lose weight, and even a few of these equipment are purchased on average 8-9 thousand dollars. You can give a rental service in this regard. This type of equipment is not used permanently and is left idle for 2-3 months. In the fitness rental service, these vehicles are rented on an average of 800 – 900 pounds per month.


You can search for funds for existing companies or companies that are planned to be newly established. operating funds for the needs of businesses in India is not yet at the desired level, so you can even pioneer in this business. You will need strong connections.


Health care can be given to the elderly or to patients who need to stay home for various reasons. A maintenance office can be established within this scope.


You can receive ads on your vehicle. Many advertising platforms are even advertised for vehicles. 500 – 600 pounds per month additional income can be provided.


Every piano-loving person cannot buy a piano. In this context, rental services can be given for musical instruments. To do this, you have to have dozens of different instruments and especially active in social media. You can be sure that you will find a very comfortable job. After several customers, people will start to advertise without you asking for it.


If you are a woman and you like to take care of children, you can do nannies. Nannies are a laborious and time-consuming business idea, but because nannies are usually in the upper class, the income you earn can easily reach up to 6-7 thousand liars per month. Moreover, all your expenses will be covered by the home you are working with. If you learn a few languages, receive several training certificates, and improve yourself a bit about the computer, you may even be a sought-after nanny.


The interest in prefabricated houses is increasing day by day. In this context, you can provide prefabricated house construction and installation services. In prefabricated houses, there is a minimum need of 8 personnel and an average capital requirement of 600 thousand TL.


It is an idea of ​​investment outside of a business idea. Real estate investments are considered as one of the safest investment tools apart from being a business idea that is valued day by day. Best and Profitable 14 Investment Tool to browse the safest investment tools  ! You can browse our guide.


Opening a restaurant is still one of the most lucrative business ideas, although it is a thousand years old. The profit margins in the restaurants are very high and provide continuous customer growth depending on the quality of service provided. To make a great profit by opening a restaurant, you need to be at the top level in 2 subjects: Staff and flavor.


Whether you are a security officer or a security company. In both cases, there is a large increase in the turnover of the sector. People need more security than ever and spend more money. The security sector is among the future’s business sectors according to many analyzes.


Transport services are also known and even Turkey is a business idea which is the only source of income of hundreds of thousands of people. You will need at least 1 vehicle to provide transportation service. Although there are many different transport handles, the most important preference difference in the shipping arm you can access is usually capital. For example, if you have a capital over 500 thousand pounds, you can do a very comprehensive job by establishing a shipping company.


You can provide services in the field of tree cultivation or dismantling. Usually this is done by the municipalities, but it is almost impossible to find a service for private or home residents. Therefore, there is a significant business potential especially in big cities. There will be a demand for different tree ideas, especially for planting trees.


Car rental service is a well-known and already experienced sector. If you plan to enter the sector, you need to have important advantages about the price. The car rental sector is valuable and can be considered open to improvement in this context.


Equipment is needed for many enterprises and institutions. Companies that avoid access to the equipment and the costs incurred in accessing these services are receiving service from the institutions or organizations that make these sales. When you sell equipment, you first need to find the needs. We advise you to access companies and especially to navigate OSBs and leave your phone numbers.


Some of the Arab world and the Indian wedding and providing the most value to charges that the country is India. Even the weddings prepared with the lowest budgets due to traditions and customs cause 30-40 thousand dollars. Therefore opening a wedding hall is a profitable business idea. If you have a capital over 300 thousand pounds, you can start the initiative to open the wedding hall. Additional Information: Wedding Hall Open


Apart from the standard fitness and weight loss centers located in the US extensively in Europe can bring to Turkey. Instead of fitness center halls, these centers have a different concept and the aim is to lose weight. With a dietitian and a sports coach, the center can be opened easily. The references in these centers will provide you with a serious advertising potential in a short period of time.


It’s basically a profession, except for a business idea. Even though tailoring is basically a profession that is increasingly worthy, especially handmade clothing products are always needed. If your hand is vulnerable and your capital is too low, it can be evaluated.


In particular, you can provide aquarium service for hotels, large businesses and residences. You will need to have knowledge and experience in the care and cleaning of aquariums, new fish recommendations, fish diseases. Turkey is also experiencing a huge rise in the aquarium industry as never before.


According to data from the Ministry of Interior Department of Associations it has already 112 thousand 819 associations in India. All of these associations operate in some way. However, a team of at least 2 to 3 people should spend considerable time to complete many services for associations. For this reason, many association management takes a team member to not spend this work and transfers the operation to the companies that provide services to association management.

This association, which works as a consultancy firm, carries out work on all subjects for the management servants. Currently, there are only a few companies in Istanbul, you can join and work for metropolitan cities such as Ankara and Izmir.


You can establish a business that can provide maintenance services for boats on the Aegean, Black Sea and Marmara coasts. You will need to conduct studies on all the needs of the boats.


According to Indian Stat data, there are about 16 million homes in India. At least 65 percent of these houses are buildings. You know that these buildings need periodic maintenance. There are many companies that provide maintenance services for the buildings. Especially in big cities, thousands of buildings for the periodic services of these companies is really little to gain. In order to take part in the building maintenance sector, you will need references, in this context you should first keep your prices appropriate.


Irrigation is especially important for those interested in agricultural activity. You can provide professional support for farmers assessing various irrigation options with their own facilities. The real job potential is located in non-wet land areas.


India sold a sofa set in terms of an average of 4 thousand pounds. These seats, especially in families with children, are contaminated within 2 years or face various deformed problems. In this regard, families are buying a seat set-up service to save money. The deformed parts of the seats are corrected and the fabric is renewed. This service is made on average 400 pounds. You will need a master to provide this service. The average capital amount is 35 thousand lira.


The clock repair service is a business line that has been around for 100 years. However, there is no demand as much as before. If you do not have experience in this matter, we suggest you to look at other business ideas. The clock repair shop requires a great deal of experience.


You may think that the locksmiths are not making much money, but you are absolutely wrong. A locksmith who does an average job is earning up to 6-7 thousand dollar at the end of the month. Moreover, a locksmith – you will not need 10 thousand pounds to open the key shop. The most effective way to get a job is to give your phone number anywhere. Print brochures and distribute as much as you can.


We usually go to industrial facilities in the city or district for vehicle repair. However, this is a time-consuming job and therefore a major problem especially for people with higher income status. You can provide mobile vehicle repair service to solve this problem. Just as you can get your business number, you can give your phone number anywhere as much as you can with the same locksmith service.


Almost every office has one or several office cleaning staff. However, it is unreasonable to employ office cleaning staff unfortunately in smaller offices with lower areas. That is why you can set up a business that provides cleaning services for offices. Office cleaning business can be easily established with an average of 4 staff and 15 thousand dollars. In order to get a job, you will need to visit the office and introduce yourself. Important tip: Provide a security commitment.


You can provide insecticides and insecticides for home and work places. Pests and insects are no longer tolerated in our age. Therefore, even for the smallest insect, this service is being purchased immediately. The workload increases in this context and we recommend you to evaluate it.


This service can be provided for the provinces and districts where there are lots of pools. 3-4 staff will not need another serious outside. There are many companies that provide this service especially in touristic cities and districts and these companies earn serious profits.


Real estate management services can be provided for people and institutions with a large number of real estate owners. Also, for some reason, only real estate owners often buy this service. This business is becoming more popular and you can grow very fast by trying to obtain a reference.


A restaurant can be opened for sale of tasty sandwiches and burgers. The profit margin in such restaurants is very high. It is worth noting that every product in the business process will give you new customers. Of course, we know that there are some big and comprehensive chain companies, but alternatives to flavor have always attracted attention.

42. SPA

Although providing a spa service is a costly business in a short time, it is a profitable and profitable business idea. If you plan to focus on SPA service, you will need 400 thousand dollars of capital in the first place.


If you are planning to provide storage services, you will need references from shipping companies. Storage is an important need for many businesses. You do not need to set up a company to meet this need, but it is recommended to set up a business to get more work on storage and to produce professional solutions. If you already have several warehouses for storage, you can get in touch with shipping companies to get a job even today.


Now TVs are growing and equipped with technology. This led to an increase in television prices. In this environment where televisions can cause problems even in the smallest problem, television repair is an important need. Each television in an average of 2 years, necessarily 1 software or physical problem. In this context, you can provide television repair service. Taking televisions from home and taking them home is an important additional service and we recommend that you evaluate them.


Even the smallest business needs various uniforms. Uniform service can be provided within this scope. It is an important and short term critical process to prepare uniform and successful uniforms. This service for schools has increased dramatically in the last period and the sector can be entered easily with a textile company. You will need an average capital of 80 thousand pounds.

46. AUTO

The number of vending machines is increasing day by day and these vending machines provide more turnover than before. Automated machines can be installed in very busy areas such as shopping malls and regular vending machines can be used. The vending machines can be easily installed around 7 thousand dollars each.


It is a profession that can provide a nice additional income instead of a business idea. Infant care should not be confused with nursing. While babysitting, more than one baby can be served.


Every day, dozens of new companies are established and some of these firms face major problems in the short term due to unsuccessful business plans. As a profitable business ideas platform, we often say that the business plan should be fully prepared. For these problems, a business can be established and thus, the opportunity to make money can be provided. Business plans are important and complete solutions to all issues should take place. Additional information about business plans can be found in the How to Prepare Business Plan guide.


Cooking can be done for large organizations or for corporate needs. The average income for cookery is over 4 thousand lira per month. The cooks must have a high experience in bulk meals.


Graphics for cosmetic needs has been an incredible increase after 2010. Moreover, this rise is increasing day by day. If you plan to take part in the cosmetics sector, you should also be able to compete with the big chains. In this context, you should have the most sought-after products in the market and offer more appropriate options for their prices.


Almost every building and residence have a basement. With these basements, nobody usually takes care of it and it becomes awful after a while. A service can be provided. Basement cleaning is a way of making money with short-term business potential. For this you will need 3-4 staff.


Student services are a profitable business idea. After a while you can easily see that a service owner has several vehicles. In order to open a student service, you must have a transit owner of approximately 100 thousand pounds and you must obtain a permit from a line owner. In small provinces, the cost of the line is 20 thousand dollars, in large cities up to 400 thousand dollars.


It is a frequently used method to provide additional income. If you are able to give private lessons on any subject, you can provide additional income by giving private lessons.


Whether you are an individual or by establishing an agency can provide corporate house cleaning service. There are many agencies that do house cleaning especially in the western provinces and their turnover is too high to be considered. House cleaning agency will cost an average of 25 thousand pounds. The most important issue is reliable personnel.


Businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, locksmiths, which provide services on a local basis, often need brochures. Brochures are a big problem for these businesses. You can establish a small business with 3-4 university students. As you can get a lot of work in the short term, every job will give you a reference back. There is very little competition in the sector and therefore we recommend you to evaluate.


In addition to being an interesting business idea, it is used intensively in Europe. Auto washings are now replaced by companies that provide direct car wash services at home. Because the car wash takes about 1 hour and the car owners do not want to deal with it. So it’s a good idea to clean your car while you sleep at home in the night. Car washing is done with steam, not with water, to prevent contamination. Opening a steam car wash company will cost 50 thousand dollars. Because you will need a car with a small frame.


Transport – You are using the transportation services frequently. Transport and transport is now essential for all people and is a constant need. A small business can be set up for the transport service or it can be done individually with a single vehicle. The upside potential in shipping services is more than you think. Profitability is high in the sector, so the number of vehicles can be increased in a short time.


Interest in different t-shirts is growing regularly. Therefore, if you work on some particularly interesting t-shirt designs, you can make money. You won’t need too much capital to design and print T-shirts. It is a business idea that you can easily do even with very low capitals. Additional information can be found in the book T-Shirt Money Making.


You can provide window and exterior cleaning services especially for cities and districts with large offices and plazas. This business idea is already a business idea in big cities. With 3-4 staff you can enter the sector with very reasonable prices. You will need a lift.

60. 3D Print

3D Printers are among the important points that technology has reached in the last 4-5 years. With 3D printers, you can produce many products that you imagine. You can easily realize your important ideas about plastic products. The average 3D printing can be purchased around 10 thousand pounds.


India is a long time in many parts of the breakfast room blew officially. People do breakfast twice a week, especially for 2-3 days a week. Breakfast is not only consumed in the morning, but many restaurants in the region have started to gain an average turnover even in the afternoon. Breakfast restaurant with an average of 200 thousand pounds can be established easily.

62. CAFE

You have to know about cafes. There are millions of cafes that work with high profit margins all over the country or even around the world. However, more attention is being paid to cafes especially in different concepts. Cafe setups want average capital above. If you want to open a cafe we ​​have a very detailed guide on this subject, you can easily reach the guide CAFE MICMAC .


New development centers have been established in the concept which is established especially for child development and not in the kindergarten and primary schools, but in the scope of the course. The work potential in centers that work with professional and professional staff for child development is more than you think. If you plan to enter the sector you will need an average of 300 thousand pounds of capital.


The construction sector is in the position to become the locomotive of Turkey. The construction sector is not only focused on building buildings, but can also be considered as the supply or production of any product to enter the sector. You can also enter the construction sector with many sub-sectors such as paint services, personnel employment and cement services. In particular, the construction sector works for the migratory areas provide more added value. New construction needs are higher and should be evaluated in areas where migration is taking place.


That’s a bit of a talent, a little professional. You can earn cash in the short term by training dogs. You also don’t have to take care of only 1 dog, but you can also train many dogs at the same time.


The need for drones is growing. They are now renting a drone for a wedding. Within this scope, you can easily enter drone rental or drone trading sector. If you have different ideas about the drones, you can make money in a fun way. Also, it is worth noting that interesting drone videos made money on YouTube. Finally, if you live in a big city, you can also do a Drone Repair. Drone repair is now a zero-competitive sector and must be considered.


Dry cleaning is a topic we need more and more every day. Entering the dry cleaning sector can be realized at lower costs than before. In the past, you needed 3-4 machines for dry cleaning services, but now you can easily dry cleaning with one machine. These machines start at $ 40,000. To enter the sector you do not need an experienced staff, zero experience can start with a business idea.


With the development of the Internet, florists have now started to receive more orders over the web. If you can be opened to the internet by opening a florist you can enter a short term business idea. You can achieve short-term growth with the right location and interesting products.


Antalya, Izmir, Mugla, such as tourist potential high coastline can be evaluated for a business idea. You can purchase Jet Jet Charter by purchasing 3-4 Jet Ski. An average Jet Ski price is sold around 20 thousand pounds. Jet Skies sold as second hand prices are more affordable. But you have to be careful about security. If possible, 1 experienced staff is of great importance. It is a profitable and valuable business idea.


We usually don’t run away from spending money on health issues. Therefore, health investments are considered as short and long term profitable business ideas. If you can employ 2-3 dietitians, you can open a nutrition center. Even in very small cities, there is high demand for such centers. In some cities, especially in private and public hospitals, there is an increase in the need in cases where there is no dietitian. Opening a Nutrition Center is possible with an average of 60 thousand dollars.


Pizzeria, turners, lahmachcs and more often have problems with home delivery. You can sell a home delivery service by opening a small consulting center. You will need to employ a large number of engines and staff with engine qualifications. You can deliver maximum income in the short term by distributing the work density to the service centers.


Sports equipment needs more and more every day. It is very natural that there is a greater need for sporting goods, especially in an environment where the number of fitness centers increases. Opening a stylish and remarkable sporting goods shop requires an average cost of 80 thousand liras.

In this context, you can easily reach a high number of turnover figures with only 1 experienced staff and a medium level of advertising. Profit margins are very high in these types of environments.


If you have a driving license or you have the power to hire one or more personnel with a driving license, you can focus on attractive services. The most important issue in attractive services is advertising. You must find the vehicle owners’ wallet and mobile phone directory. We recommend that you evaluate any ad service that you can find on a local basis.


Interesting but it is among the business ideas of the future. The video needs have reached the maximum level, especially with the big rise of Youtube. Focusing on video production processes will be a short term profitable business idea. There are dozens of websites that you can post on the internet.


Among the local delicacies of Gaziantep, the sales figures of Chickpea Durum are increasing. You can transfer the Pea Pancakes Pancakes Meat delicacies considered among the alternatives to all of India. The cost of chickpea Durum is more expensive than meat, but it is more cost effective. Additional information on the subject is in the link to No-hut Durum .


Building a clothing store is a very difficult issue for those who do not have any additional information on the subject. In order to overcome these difficulties, you can get the dealership of a clothing company. Clothing company that has a large number of franchises in India, these companies that Clothing Franchise Companies can be accessed from the link.


In all the provinces and districts of small and large, a plaza craze is officially experienced. plaza construction of housing construction in India has been started up. The office owners entering these plazas have been trying to set up office for months. Many people who do not want to deal with these issues are looking for a company that makes ready office setup. You can easily serve this issue.


India 10 – 20 years ago there was no need for elderly care centers, but no longer exposed to the maximum level needs case. For this reason, even in towns and towns, elderly care centers are needed. An elderly care center can be established in an average of 200 thousand pounds. A minimum of 20 personnel work in these care centers, so you cannot set up such centers with short term plans. There are many formal procedures. This increases the cost.


You can focus on painting activities. Now, part-time painters have left their place to professional workers. These companies, which provide painting services for the home or various businesses, are taking more jobs than you think because they provide guarantee and professional support. For painting services you will need 3-4 experienced craftsmen. Especially in order to get more work on exterior painting, you need to buy a lift.

80. E-BOOK

If you believe that you can transfer your experience and knowledge to others, you can write an e-book instead of writing a book directly. E-books are fun and almost zero-cost work compared to writing regular books. As long as you use your keyboard and internet, you can write and publish an e-book. You cannot generate very high revenues on e-books, but can be considered for an additional income on average.

For additional information about e-books, please visit our guide Para Making Money with E-Book E.


If you enjoy browsing, reading and writing, you can open a blog right away. There are many blog services available in Indian, and the services are free of charge. You can open a free blog directly from these services and receive advertising from advertising services. However, you may need to exceed 400 to 500 visitors per day to receive advertisements.


You can earn additional income by making handmade products. Revealing handmade products doesn’t require a serious capital, it only requires manual labor and time. If you live at home and have plenty of time you can make money with handmade products. Especially lace, embroidery and toys are more interesting than you think. You can also easily sell these products through Instagram.


Open E-commerce store is one of the latest modern jobs. Opening an e-commerce store costs an average of 10 thousand pounds. However, setting up the e-commerce site is not enough for you to start selling. You have to buy wholesale products at affordable prices. E-commerce is no longer a topic that is more competitive than before, and therefore it will not be enough to find products that are suitable for everyone. It is a great business that can be started with a capital of around 100 thousand pounds.


The need for cloud technologies is increasing day by day. This is a topic that wants professional and very high capital. Working with a technology consultancy company and contract can be prepared to invest in cloud technology. Today, the smallest and largest companies need cloud technology.

Cloud technology needs are increasing day by day.


shoe manufacturing sector in India as well, in both wholesale and retail are among the important revenue stream in the process. The turnover of the shoe industry is increasing day by day. In this context, investing in the shoe industry is considered as a profitable business idea. If you plan to arrive in Turkey if the footwear industry on key brand franchise – we recommend the dealership deals in your assessment.

Thanks to the franchise, you can use the power of the companies that are already known in the industry and already have significant sales figures. Click here to check out 12 Companies that provide shoe dealership .


In addition to the services such as office design, you can also provide apartment design services. If you plan to focus on apartment design services, you will need to provide one or more interior architects. There will also be a need for several masters with high industry experience and experience. With an average of 30 thousand pounds, you can easily establish this organization.


A period of cycling began to be a trend to rebuild. With this bike rental you can make money from this trend. If you want to focus on renting bikes you can give this service especially on walking paths. With an average of 10 thousand dollars, you can easily take this job with 5-6 stylish bikes. If you are experiencing shortage of space on these roads, you can enter the area of ​​an existing shop in front of the road. Do not accept very pale figures, is a subject that can be negotiated.


Now you see a lot of vehicles covered on the road. The vehicle coating, which is a more preferred process recently by those who want their vehicles to be more attractive, is done with a cost of 2-3 thousand TL per vehicle. In large vehicles, this figure can reach 4 thousand dollars. Some second-class coating operations are done in return for a thousand pounds.

Opening an average vehicle covering center can be easily installed even for 20 thousand dollars. All information on the subject in our Car Wrapping guide.


You have the potential to generate serious income in a short time by cultivating truffles. Truffle mushrooms are an advantageous plant especially for those who want to provide income by breeding.

Truffles can grow best in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions of India. Your land needs to be in these areas. You must have a minimum of 10 acres of land for truffles. 10 thousand acres of land for the establishment of drip systems and truffle seedlings for the sale of a total of 100 thousand dollars will be your investment cost. Additional information can be found in the Truffle Breeding Guide.


India and has many different investment ideas for those who want to invest instead of focusing on capital or business ideas with high figures in the world. Investing can accommodate a variety of risks as well as high profit opportunities.

If you are thinking about investing, there are 14 investment tools you can evaluate .


Thousands of entrepreneurs have created a great success story with the production of worm manure, one of the most trendy business ideas of the last period. The production of worm manure, which is essential for organic farming, can be realized even with very low capitals. If you have an area such as a basement or a basement, we recommend you to take a look at this work. There are also many companies that provide dealerships for worm manure.


It is a production arm that requires low capital. Among the musical instruments, the market for many production has not yet met new demands. The average entry cost is around 17 thousand dollars.


You can focus on the production of remarkable toys for children. The toy is a huge sector. You do not need to find the known products in this sector. Many different ideas can make money in this sector. Let’s note that there are small handmade toys. The average entry cost is around 13 thousand dollars.


Tote bags are often a product with plenty of buyers in tourist places. It’s enough to make money just to make money through tote bags. You can leave your bags to the places where these tourist shops are located. The average entry capital is around 12 thousand dollars.


There’s no need for huge facilities to produce mobile phone covers. You can realize a low-cost manufacturing idea with mobile phone covers that can be produced easily with 3D printing modeling. Different designs have intensive sales figures in the sector.


It is still a simple manufacturing idea like a cell phone cover. Particularly for the souvenir of high-volume demands to enter the wall clock manufacturing sector, even with 15 thousand pounds possible. You can also get KOSGEB support. In this context, it is an valuable business idea and you can also go to a business partnership with souvenir shops.

97. JAM

You can focus on jam production. There are many different types of jams and there is almost no competition in some species. With an average of 40 percent profit margins, you will need an average investment of 60 thousand dollars to be able to move to mass production of jam products with a difference of production and wholesale. In the production of jam you will need to keep up with the many important official procedures of the Ministry of Health, so you will have to plan the facility costs well.


It is a manufacturing business idea that can be started with very few formal transactions. Before focusing on the production of artificial flowers, it will be reasonable to buy work from your city or the florists in your area. If you make production and sales under the wholesale purchase figures of florists, you can get serious references in a short time. It is critical that you run several designers to be successful in this business.


An additional business idea with additional income up to 7 thousand dollars per month. There are even people who make income only by doing this. India in almost every case “experts” are born in need. For this reason, experts are asked for help in every case.

If you plan to become an expert, you must first register for the in Expert in course organized by the Ministry of Justice. The time of applications changes every year. The application date, which was previously determined as October, was determined as November in 2018. This year’s application period is not yet clear. Among the first criteria to pass 40 years of age for admission. You can be working or retiring. This job is particularly suitable for retirees. Additional information can be found in the Expertise Guidelines .


You can easily sell them in the market by bringing products from China. It is reasonable to focus on products that are widely sought-after and sold at relatively high prices. If you plan to bring products from China, you need to pay attention to the tax issue. Also we should point out the many products can not be brought to India. By focusing on technological products, you can generate significant revenue in the short term.

If you plan to bring products from China, we recommend the most mobile phone products.

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