Biography of Prophet Mohammad SAW

Muhammad was the founder of the founder of religion of Islam and a community in Medina, later in the Arab Empire.

Become a Prophet

After the death of Muhammad his father Makka was born about 570 in Arabia. Both died after both of his grandfather and mother. As a child, he was not able to inherit anything by Arab customs. So they were relatively poor as long as 5 5 5, when a rich woman Khadija asked him to go to Syria as a trading supporter (guardian, manager). After the successful success of the mission, he offered her a wedding. She was 15 years old, a senior widow. He and four daughters of Muhammad, and many children who died. From then on, Mohammad was rich, but he spent time in individual reflections on Mecca’s issues, where religious principles were worsened and the general disaster was in the city.

During the 610-year-old divorce period, Mohammad heard a sound when he argued (focused on his thoughts). The voice said, “You are the messenger of God” (it is mentioned more often than Muslims in comparison to the Prophet). Muhammad later decided that he heard the Gospel Gabriel. He also said some words in “his heart” (it is, in his mind) as he surprises. The friend helped convince him that he was called to convey messages to the Arabs from God because Moses (c. 1392- 1272 BC) and Jesus Christ (CCCC) What did the Christians do . At this time the messages were continued to complete the death. They were gathered in the crops and they used to establish Koran (Qur’an). The Quran, though sent by Muhammad, comes from God by Muslims.

Makkah Preference

First Mohammad told these messages to sympathy friends, but from 612 or 613 he usually told them. Many people in Makkah, especially the smallest men, became Muhammad’s followers. These members of this new religion of Islam were known as Muslims. During the time, Muhammad’s resistance was published in Makkah’s leading traders, and he and his followers sometimes made a mistake. To avoid misuse, nearly so many of his followers traveled to Ethiopia. Regarding 616, pressure in a form of boycotype (refusal to trade) was placed on the tribe of Hashim so that it would keep Muhammad. But after the death of Klan’s head, Muhammad’s uncle, Abubabib, felt that he would be unbearable to leave him.

However, the new head is a perfect way to leave Mohammed, and it became possibly impossible to continue preaching in Mohammad Makkah. In September 622, after the secret negotiations in the past two years, they settled in the Medina area, 200 miles north of the north, where seventeen of their followers have already gone. It is “immigration” (except for one another) Hizb (Latin, Heger), which is based on the Islamic era.

First Year in Madina

Medina’s Arab leaders admitted more and more Mohammad predictions and entered Mecca with them and the immigrants (who left their country). The first migrants are dependent on media hospitality, but soon, small groups tried to raid Munchen caravan. Later Madina’s Muslims were included. First of all, less success was achieved in this attack, but in the month of March 2424, three million big bands led by Mohammad SAW himself defeated a supporting power of eight hundred Makkans. It was a serious blow to Mike’s reputation, and the Muslims realized that God was protecting Mohammad SAW.

In order to teach Mohammad ‘s Prophet, in March 625, the houses attacked almost three thousand people on the Mediterranean area. Many Muslims were killed before getting the hill safety. The affair was not a serious loss for Mohammad SAW, because the mosques also damaged and immediately got back. But loss shocked the belief that God had defended them. Trust was gradually restored.

In the next important incident, Madina’s siege had done thousands of thousands of Mecca and Allies in April 627. Mohammad SAW protected the main part of the area by a drought that stole it. After two weeks Makkan and his companions left behind. In March 628, Mecca settled with him al-Ahamedia’s treaty. This agreement was a victory for Mohammad SAW. In the following months many tribesmen (to move from area to region) tribal tribes and some prominent Makkan Mohammad were joined and became Muslims. When the contract was criticized on January 630, Mohammed was able to march Mecca with ten thousand men. Muhammad entered Mecca in victory. Two weeks later, Mohammad Haider’s army comprised two thousand people, including the concentration of the Middle East tribes of Mecca and joining the victory of Han.

New Religion

By 630 the religion of Islam was firmly established. In the early parts of the Koran, he emphasized the goodness and power of God and told the men to accept it in worship. He also described the reality of the day of Judgment, when man or heaven will be dependent on his behavior towards God, his generosity with his wealth, and similar points. This matter was crucial for Mecca’s stress, which was born in the absence of traders in their wealth and power. The Koran attacks on idols (worship of worship symbols) and one solution is that “there is no god, but God.”

The religious methods of Muslims have been included in imperial worship or prayer several times a day, in which the worship of God will be able to touch the earth with the forehead preaching. He also gave the money to the poor. Fasting fast (not any meal) on the month of Ramadan. (Sacred ninth month of Islamic calendar) was introduced; and when conditions were possible, some of the traditional life (holy journey) in Mecca became obliged for Muslims.

Year of Success

Apart from Medina, the coalition system was gradually constructed with the Kakadian Arab tribes. As Mohammed was strong, he came to insist that the people who want to be the Muslim want to be. After Mecca’s victory and victory in Hannah on January 630, he was the strongest man in Arabia, and wanted to join the tribal nations with him. When he died on June 8, 632, he had an effective control of a large part of the Arabian.

Mohammad SAW Personality and Success

Mohammad SAW has been told that he is fast moving, strengthening, an important forehead, with a bent nose, big gray, black eyes, and pleasant smile. They showed great attention to their problems with people and when appropriate, sympathetic and even depressed. However, medieval Europe (500-1500) defended against Arab forces and Islamic culture, they look like a demon or demon.

At times times Mohammad SAW was really tough for those in his power, but was not to cope with this time. His marriage in relation to her marriage was 9 nine wives and a conunbine (no married woman) – The decision has been decided in the framework. A political purpose can be found in all its marriages. At that time, he was a man who had a positive change for his people.

Politically Mohammad SAW biggest success was to create a framework that made the Arab tribes united. He also won his predecessors, and his administrative goals were later valued at many provinces and ruled over the rule. The development of the Arab Empire and the religion of Islam was made possible by appropriate conditions. But as opportunities, politicians and administrators, Mohammad SAW did not get the opportunity to give gifts, but it was of no use.

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