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How to Change WordPress Theme Through PhpMyAdmin

How to Modify WordPress Theme Through PhpMyAdmin WordPress makes it extremely easy to manage themes from the admin area. However, if you cannot access your WordPress administrator domain, you will need to find other ways to change your WordPress theme. How to Change WordPress Theme Through PhpMyAdmin How to Change WordPress …

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Biography of Prophet Mohammad SAW

Muhammad was the founder of the founder of religion of Islam and a community in Medina, later in the Arab Empire. Become a Prophet After the death of Muhammad his father Makka was born about 570 in Arabia. Both died after both of his grandfather and mother. As a child, …

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Best 4 Ways to Motivate Employees

In almost every company, new employees come to work in the early days. However, as time goes by and things become more routine, there is a lack of motivation for employees. This is usually a natural condition for businesses, but things will become worse by the day unless they are concentrated on …

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