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Types of Upper Floors Explained with Examples

Depending upon the arrangement of beams and girders of the frame-work for supporting the flooring and the materials used in the construction of the entire system. Types of Upper Floors The upper floors may be broadly classified into the following different types: Timber Floors There are three main types of …

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Objectives of Building Bye-Laws Explained

The building bye-laws that are framed by a municpial body or urban development board are certain rules, and regulations that ensure control over the development of an area under any particular juridication. The primary aim of framing the bye-laws ensures the provision of reasonable minimum requirements and standards (based on …

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Specifications For Low Cost Building Constructions

The selection of suitable specifications play an important role in controlling the cost of construction of the building. However, the choice of specifications should be such that the building remains structurally sound, functionally efficient and durable.  Techniques for low cost housing construction is discussed in this article. Low Cost building …

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