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Difference Between 3G and 4G

3G and 4G are the latest technologies that are being implemented in telecommunication for transferring both voice and data. These two have really changed the dimensions of telecommunication and have given unlimited benefits to users. Things have become very easy with the introduction of these technologies. 3G had a very …

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Disengaging from Social Media

I’ve been trying out various social media tools to engage with other online audience personally and professionally. I got into the social media ecosystem that I’m getting to the point where the incremental value of utilizing other social media tools (at least in the contact management sector) is close to …

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15 Tips for Improving Welding Safety

Carefully read here the fifteen tips for improving welding safety. 1. Welding cables shall be of good quality and maintained properly. A welding cable shall be terminated properly and no joint shall be allowed in its entire length. 2. Power supply to welding equipment shall be switched off during the nonworking period, …

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