Difference Between Silestone and Granite

What is the difference between Silestone and granite? As you know, these materials are both used for making countertops. Of course, they are used for other purposes, too – but in most cases, people relate these materials to countertops. We will tell you more about each of these materials. If you don’t know which one to use, this article will help you make up your mind. Most people find it hard to decide which one to use, because both materials are very popular, and they both look great. Let us find out more about each of these.

Here are some key differences between Silestone and Granite

  • Granite is not very difficult to find in nature. These stones are used for making monuments, floors, countertops, etc. They come in different colors, depending on the composition. That is why granite countertops can be found in various colors, from pink to dark grey. Granite is quite durable. It will keep its color for many years and many people find it a good investment. Granite countertops will certainly make your kitchen look beautiful, but this material can be used for other purposes, too. No matter where you put it, it will look great!
  • Now, let us say something about Silestone countertops. These are made from resin and quartz. Those two materials are mixed together. Silestone countertops come in various colors, but they look different from those made of granite. The color is more homogeneous. Silestone is fabricated (not naturally created), which is considered a great advantage, when it comes to buyers’ demands.
  • The granite is found in nature, unlike the Silestone (which is made from quartz and resin). Granite will be polished to some extent (depending on what it will be used for). It is more expensive, for several reasons. First, it is a natural material. Another advantage is the variety of colors and designs. Silestone colors are not that numerous. However, some Silestone manufacturers claim that this material is more resistant to all kinds of bacteria. It is true that Silestone is quite resistant to bacteria, but the same can be said for granite.
  • Both granite and Silestone are very strong and durable. In fact, quartz is considered one of the most durable materials we have today.
  • Both materials have their advantages, as well as disadvantages. The price of granite is higher because there are many colors and patterns to choose from.

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