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Meaning and Importance of Draughtsman Civil

If you’re interested in knowing what exactly does draughtsman civil mean and the importance of draughtsman civil, then we advise you to read this complete article.

A draughtsman is a person or professional who is involved in the planning and preparation of technical drawings under the direction of an architect or also under an engineer.

What is the engineering drawings? 

The art of representation of engineering objects on a piece of paper is called as engineering drawings. Remember, such drawings may be an art of buildings, bridges, machine and machinery parts or any other engineering objects.

Draughtsman civil importance

Draughtsman civil is important because of the following listed reasons.

  • Before the construction work of any project starts that it is very much important. That it is proper planning and designing is done as such it is required to prepare different detailed drawings. (Architectural as well as Structural) and estimates which are done by Draughtsman.
  • There are so many departments of engineering concerns which requires the services of Draughtsman civil. Such as C.P.W.D (Architect departments) M.E.S (State P.W.D departments) C.P.W.D (National Highways, Railways, Survey of India). Bridges corporations and many more such departments engaged in engineering construction. So there is a large scope for the draughtsman civil in our country. Thus a draughtsman should have at least ideas of all engineering works where drawings and estimates are be prepared
  • The average pay for a Draughtsman is Two Lac’s Forty Thousand per year.

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