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Meaning and Importance of Draughtsman Civil

Read our comprehensive article from start to the end if you want to know what is a droughtsman civil, and what is its importance?

Any person who is well trained in planning, and preperation of technical drawings under the direction of an architect or also under an engineer is called a droughtsman civil. In simple words, a droughtsman civil has to do what exactly an engineer or architest under whom he or she works tells him to do.

What is an engineering drawing?

Enginnering drawing is an art which involves representing enginnering items on a piece of paper. Remember, such drawing may involve an art of buildings, bridges, machine and machinery parts or any other engineering objects.

Draughtsman civil importance

Following are a handful of the reasons that make a draughtsman civil very important.

  • Draughtsman civil is important before the beginnging of any construction work since proper planning, designing, and estimates is required for preparing a detailed drawing.
  • There are so many departments of engineering concerns that require services of a draughtsman civil such as architect departments, PWD departments, CPWD departments, bridges corporations, and many more such departments that are involved in enginnering constructions. This clearly indicates there is a very large room for dorughtsman civil. Thus a draughtsman should have at least ideas of all engineering works where drawings and estimates are be prepared.
  • The average pay for a draughtsman civil professional is around 2,40000 annumally.

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