Entry Level Jobs for Civil Engineers

Because of the type of work associated with the civil engineering industry, the broad range of disciplines, the complexity of jobs, and the serious nature of the work being performed, many people think that only high-level jobs exist. In truth, a number of entry-level civil engineering jobs are also available. In fact, for someone interested in this industry, jobs low on the totem pole offer opportunity. For example, someone just getting started would learn from being around amazing professionals but also by being exposed to various environments.

Although earning potential for an entry-level civil engineering job would be considered modest, being in a situation to learn and work for a company or government entity with advancement opportunities would be worth paying the career dues. However, there are ways of trying to secure one of the many entry-level civil engineering jobs that pay well. Of course, with proper education and training, an individual would not need to stay at the bottom long.

One possibility would be in choosing to work through an internship and after proving ability, dedication, and loyalty, being hired. In this case, the employer would have greater confidence in the person’s ability, possibly leading to higher pay than someone off the street. Another way a person could take an entry-level civil engineering job and perhaps make more than the average worker would be through job placement, especially one offered from the college or university was education for this industry was obtained.

A few examples of entry-level civil engineering jobs that a person interested in this industry might consider have been listed below. However, when entering college, there are aptitude tests and guidance from counseling that could steer a person in the right direction according to interest but also capabilities.

Sales Work

In this job, the person would be responsible for a variety of sales responsibilities. When first getting started, the actual amount that someone working in sales for the civil engineering industry could make would depend on how hard that individual worked. Someone motivated and determined would obviously make far more than someone just doing an average job.

One advantage of working in a sales position is an opportunity. For instance, this person could work in business, retail, or finance on a number of levels. Therefore, while starting low and not making a significant amount of money, due diligence could pay off in the form of a sales manager who earns a salary of $80,000 and more based on a confirmed income plus bonuses opposed to working on a basis of commission and bonus.


Another area of civil engineering in which various types of entry-level jobs exist has to do with computers. For this, a person might focus on the software end of the house or prefer working with hardware issues. When first getting started, a computer specialist could make around $57,000 a year although the geographic location, company versus government entity, experience, education, training, and type of work being performed would all help determine salary. Keep in mind that when it comes to computer work for civil engineering jobs, as a senior professional, making $100,000 a year and even more is possible.


Many people do not realize that nurses work in the civil engineering industry but they do and in fact, are a very important part of the overall structure. Nurses are in great demand for all kinds of industries and on all levels so the pay is typically higher for this type of entry-level position with this industry. A Registered Nurse or RN in this situation would make on average $65,000 although even higher earnings are certainly possible.


The last entry-level civil engineering job we wanted to mention is the analyst. While someone with specialized education and training, as well as experience, could make a lucrative income working as an analyst when first getting started the pay scale would be much lower. However, this position is one that offers incredible growth potential so moving up quickly and making a higher salary would be very doable.

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