10 Steps On How to Become a Flight Attendant

A flight attendant is a very interesting career. Many people including you are interested to have this profession. In order to make you easier to find the way, here are 10 steps on how to become a flight attendant.

1. Research.

You need to make a research regarding this profession especially if you do not have any idea about this. You can start to take a look at what subject will be counted to participate in the training and study.

2. Requirements.

Make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements to be a flight attendant. This step is important since it will affect your study and your education level. Bachelor degree is enough to participate in the training.

3. Foreign language.

This is an important factor. You will be chosen to be the participants in this training since you are able to speak and communicate in other different languages. It will be your added value to be chosen.

4. Passport.

You need to have a passport. Since your work will fly to various places even country, you need to have a passport. This is the most essential document for the flight attendant.

5. Prepare your body and mind.

You will work for airlines means that you will work with a tight schedule for the flight. You need to have a flexible schedule. You need to have the preparation to make sure if you are on your best performance every time you are working.

6. Training preparation.

You will need to complete the training preparation in a certain place. It will need your effort of body and mind so make sure you have the preparation quite well.

7. Build your body.

You need to have a proportional body since the airline will strictly choose their flight attendant. You should measure your weight, height, and appearance.

8. CPR class

As a flight attendant, you need to have the skill in saving people and the most basic is CPR. Yo0u can take a CPR class to help you with the skill.

9. Applications.

You need to browse on airlines website and start to apply.

10. Prepare your mental.

You will work on a service-based company which you will need to be patient and respectful. You should maintain your psychological state in order to improve your performance on every occasion so your passenger and company will like it.

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