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The following general guide lines for lineman work on electrical poles and towers are as under:-

1. Before climbing any elevated structure, every employee should first assure that the structure is strong enough to sustain his/her weight safely.

2. if poles or cross arms are apparently unsafe because of decay or unbalanced tensions of wires on them, they should be properly braced or guyed.

3. Lineman hooks should weir their safety harness while working  on the poles and towers.

4. Wire hooks should not be attached to limeman’s belts or safety straps.

5. Safety straps should not be placed above the top cross arm when he is at the top of the pole.

6. No tools above 0.3 meter in length should be taken up the tower when both the lines are alive.

7. All light equipment and tools to be used aloft should be raised and lowered by means of hand-line and canvas bucket or other suitable container. Men on the ground should stay clear of overhead work to prevent being stuck by falling objects.

8. Tools and materials should not be thrown from the ground to a lineman working aloft nor should lineman throw tools and materials from above the ground.

9. No person should work in such a manner that his arms or any tools extend beyond the body of tower when working on the live side.

10. Broken insulators or other sharp edged material should not be left in vacant lots, along the right of way or in the location where the hazard of cutting feet could be caused for people or animals.

11. When stringing wire across streets and highways, avoid interfering with traffic or causing injury to workmen or pedestrians. Danger signs should be erected on both sides of the work location and where conditions warrant, flagmen should be stationed.

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