Civil Engineering


The following general safety requirements should be observed during operation and maintenance at all the places in the power plants:

1. Good house keeping and cleaning should be maintained.

2. Proper ventilation and temperature should be ensured at work place to provide reasonable conditions of comfort for workers.

3. Sufficient and suitable lighting should be ensured at work areas and passages.

4. Every rotating part of machinery should be securely fenced/guarded.

5. All platforms, staircases and ladders should be properly maintained without obstruction.

6. Before carrying out any maintenance work PTW (permit to work) should be obtained with complete isolations without bypassing lacking system.

7. All trenches/drains should be properly covered.

8. Welding machine, its cables (without joints) and supply points should in safe conditions and should be properly earthed.

9. Lighting cables or any other electrical temporary cables should be in healthy condition without joints and should be properly safe guarded against damage.

10.Electrical junction boxes/panels and power sockets should be covered properly.

11. All electrical appliances should be provided with three pin top and healthiness of earth circuit should be ensured.

12. Only 24 V hand lamps with isolation transformer should be used in confined space, vessels, tanks etc.

13. Lifting tools/tackles should be checked periodically to ensure healthiness.

14. Periodically calibration/testing of all indicating and recording meters/instruments, protective and safety devices should be ensured.

15. Healthiness of civil structures should be checked periodically and the same should be maintained in good condition.

16. Persons handling for system should use safety apparel such as safety shoes, helmet, safety goggles, hand gloves, ear plugs etc.

17. Ensure all fire fighting equipment is in working condition.

18. Ensure adequate lighting in area of operation and its vicinity.

19. Communication sources i.e., phone or page party, should be available near the area of operation or in the vicinity. VHF sets can be used as an alternative.

20. Spanner of proper size should be available for operation.

21. Persons doing the operation should have complete knowledge of the system.

22. Before draining the system its isolation is to be reconfirmed from parameters such as pressure flow, temperature etc.

23. After confirming the isolation, system should be drained in controlled manner. Drain valve should be opened such that there should not be heavy steaming which would affect other systems.

24. In case of leakage in the system, utmost care to be taken if it is a super heated steam as it is not visible. The only indication is from the noise and visual inspection.

25. Leaky system should be isolated at the earliest. If immediate isolation is not possible then the area should be cordoned off and should be property tagged and it should be attended at the earliest.

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