How to Start a Window Cleaning Business

Window cleaning is pretty self-explanatory really. This type of business offers a cleaning service for busy people who do not have the time to clean their own windows.

Most of these businesses offer external and internal window cleaning depending on the needs of their customers and usually provide those services on a regular basis (say every 4 – 6 weeks). Your potential customers are most likely to be either householders or small businesses in your local area.

Getting started

While there is no need for formal qualifications to run this type of business, you do need to project a ‘trustworthy’ image to your clients, especially if you are offering to clean the internal windows.

The equipment required for this type of business is minimal. You will need spray bottles, buckets, squeegees, scrappers and soft clothes. Virtually all of your startup equipment can be purchased for under $100.

Setup costs are quite low for this type of business. Other than the equipment mentioned above, you will need to stock up on consumables for your business, for example – cleaning products.

You will also need to advertise your business to potential customers. Usually, this involves letterbox drops and adverts in the local paper. You will be able to minimize the cost if you intend to deliver yourself, or you can use the direct mail services offered by the Postal Service. Your total setup costs including equipment will be between $500 – $1,000.

The price you charge will vary depending on the type and size of premises involved and whether you are cleaning inside, outside or both. You will be able to charge anywhere between $15 – $35 for each job.

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