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Short Note on Safety Training and Awareness

In this post we are talk about Safety Training. The safety orientation and training as per predetermined training programme should be effectively imparted to all employees. All new entrants and existing employees transferred from to new jobs need to be trained to discharge their duties safely. Whenever new equipment or procedure is to be introduced the concerned employee should be adequately trained to handle the job safely.

The safety training course should include topics like Safety management, Emergency management, Human relation, Work employment, Mechanical and Electrical hazards, Material Handling, Personal equipment, Electrical safety, Fire safety, Working at height and First aid.

Safety awareness is essential part of this purpose safety promotional activities (like safety day, competition, campaigns, demonstration etc), should be organised periodically to create enthusiasm among the employees.

Posters, safety calendars and displays depicting possible consequences of unsafe acts and conditions help in creating awareness for safety monthly/bi monthly newsletter, booklets, leaflets can be published as safety promotional activity and distributed to all employees. Employees can be motivated by distributing safety awards in some general annual function of organisation.

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