Starting a Windshield Repair Business

Windshield repair is a process that repairs damages on a windshield caused by an impact from a stone or other debris on the roadway.  Basically, a special clear resin is injected into the damaged area, then cured by exposure from an Ultra-Violet light. The repaired area’s strength is restored preventing the damage from spreading and requiring the entire windshield to be replaced.  Most of the clarity is restored as well.


Purchasing a quality windshield repair system, and that is comprised of three components: 1) tools 2) training 3) marketing.  Be sure the company you select supplies hands-on training and not just a video and manual or second-hand training.  The most common mistake made is to assume all windshield repair kits are the same and that learning how to do the repairs is so easy anyone can do it after watching a video.  Ask yourself this one simple question: Would you let someone work on your windshield that learned by watching a video?  Of course not.

The actual material cost to perform the repair is less than 50 cents. Minor re-supply costs such as window cleaner, resin, and paper towels can be obtained locally.  All necessary equipment can be kept in a single small carry case. Very few automotive-related business opportunities have such low overhead, low investment, quick learning curve and consistent demand from consumers. The last and most often missing component is marketing.  It does not matter how good your tools are, how good you are at doing the repairs if you don’t have customers! Most windshield repair supply companies are woefully inadequate in this area.

Purchasing a quality windshield repair system that includes hands-on training can run from $700 to $2,000, more if a comprehensive marketing program is included. Kits at the higher end of the price range often include features well worth the extra investment such as 1) More than one set of repair tools, enabling you to do more than one repair at a time.  2) The tools and training to repair long cracks, a service that most technicians are unable to do so a niche market exists.  3) A real marketing program. Unless you have a steady flow of customers you won’t make money.

The key here is marketing that allows you to be effective at attracting retail customers.  Only a select few windshield repair businesses go after retail customers that pay top dollar, pay at the time services are performed and provide repeat and referral business.  The overwhelming majority of windshield repair suppliers direct their customers to pursue wholesale accounts, used car dealers and insurance referrals.  That type of work pays less, pays in 30 to 60 days (if at all) and never provides repeat or referral business.  Effective marketing is worth its weight in gold!

Because windshield repair is so easy to learn and does not require much equipment, many mistakenly assume that it really doesn’t matter which supplier they choose to obtain both from.  That is a big mistake.  Many companies sell windshield repair systems, but only a few provide quality equipment and useful training, and even fewer offer effective marketing.

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