The terms which are in common use in health and safety management have been defined below:-

1. Accident

Accident may cause mishap, ruin, destruction, injury, death. Accidents must be prevented by precautions and safety measures and safety managements.

2. Danger

A thing or situation which may cause injury, loss, accidents, etc. Such a thing or situation is ‘dangerous’, risky.

3. Hazard

To expose to ‘danger, risk, chance to accident’.

4. Hazardous

Dangerous, risky, accident prone.

5. Safety

A quality or condition of being safe from danger, injury, damage, loss, accident.

6. Safety devices

 Devices which ensure safety against injury or loss, e.g., safety belt, safety glasses, safety earthing, safety enclosure, safety fence.

7. Safe Guard

Any person or thing or devices that prevents injury, loss and ensure, safety and security.

8. Security

Safety protection or defence against attack, interference, espionage, sabotage etc.

9. Precaution

Care or measures taken before hand against possible danger.

10. Caution

A word or sign by which warning is given.

Act or practice of being cautions.

11. Prevent

To anticipate before hand and stop from happening.

12. Preventive

Anything that prevents.

13. Prevention

Acts on preventing. Means of preventing.

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