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The Best Interior Decorating Business ideas

Interior decoration is big business, providing employment to thousands of entrepreneurs, and employees. If you a flair for designing and creativity, you may like to start the one of the following interior decorating business ideas.

Interior designer

There are lots of opportunities in the area of interior design.  You can be a general interior decorator, or you may want to specialize in one area in order to create your own marketing niche. 

Decorate home for sale

These interior designers prepare a home so that it will look bigger, better, and cleaner when it is for sale. These services can help a home appeal to more buyers, sell faster or sell for more money.

Wallpaper installer

Network with your local wallpaper store owners, and leave flyers or business cards for them to give their customers.  You could also give your business card and flyer to new homeowners. 

Window treatments

If you are an excellent seamstress, with a flair for decorating, you could specialize in making and installing custom curtains, drapes, and valences.  You can market your services with a flyer to the new homeowners.

Color consultant

Do you have an eye for color and interior design?  You may want to consider a career as a color consultant.  A color consultant goes to a client’s home or office and suggests what paint color would look best in each room, according to the client’s needs, preferences, furniture, window treatments, wallpaper, flooring, etc. 

Painting is the cheapest and easiest way to make a very dramatic change and improvement to your surroundings.  But the huge selection of available paint colors is overwhelming to many people; and it can be very difficult for most people to perceive how a room will look by looking at a tiny, paper paint swatch. 

A color consultant can save a homeowner lots of time, money, and frustration by making suggestions that really work, instead of choosing the colors on their own, and having to redo it later because it doesn’t turn out how they thought it would.  A color consultation costs much less than having a designer decorate your whole home, so even the do-it-yourselfer can benefit from this service. 

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