The Real Estate Tax Rates 2019 Do Not Change in Almost Any District City

Only in two district towns will real estate tax rates change for next year. In addition, the changes only concern a small part of these two cities.

Specifically, the coefficients will change in one part of Pilsen and two streets in Olomouc. This was done from an analysis of server. We bring a comprehensive sum of the real estate tax coefficients that each district city has set for 2018 and 2019.

Even though one district city does not change complex coefficients for real estate tax for 2019, however, for some inhabitants of two district towns, the tax will change, namely Pilsen and Olomouc. Pilsen approved a new decree last year, but a part of the city will only come into force in January 2019. It is the cadastral area of ​​Lobzy, where in one part it will increase the basic coefficient from 2.5 to 3.5.

On the contrary, the decrease in the tax can be found in Olomouc in Nabrezni and Blahoslavova Street, where the basic coefficient for the years 2019-2022 is reduced to 1.6, in connection with the implementation of flood protection measures. Due to the extraordinary situation, these citizens will be constrained for almost 4 years in the use of their properties on the streets of the river and Blahoslavov, it will not be possible to transport municipal waste from these streets (modification of the OZV is presented separately) and will also be affected by noise and dust from ongoing construction work . The submitted draft of the OTV temporarily relieves the citizens concerned of the hardness of a generally binding city decree, which did not take such an exceptional situation into account, and allows for a reasonable and possible partial relief from the payment of real estate tax. It is therefore a temporary measure,it is specified in the explanatory memorandum. For an idea of ​​the apartment with 60m 2 the owner now pays about INR 512, after paying from the same apartment it will pay about 230 INR.

Basic (2019)Basic (2018)Local (2019)Local (2018)Business (2019)Business (2018)
Central Bohemian Region
Benešov2 for buildings (2.5 for land)2 for buildings (2.5 for land)2211
Kutna Hora222211
Mlada Boleslav22331.51.5
South Bohemian Region
Jindřichův Hradec2.52.52211
Pilsen Region
Karlovy Vary Region
Usti Region
Louny2 (1,4 for buildings)2 (1,4 for buildings)2211
Usti nad Labem3.53.5221.51.5
Liberec region
Czech Linden2.52.5221.51.5
Jablonec nad Nisou2.52.51111
Hradec Kralove region
Hradec Králové4.5 for land (2 for buildings4.5 for land (2 for buildings)331.51.5
Rychnov nad Kněžnou2.52.5221.51.5
Pardubický kraj
Pardubice4,5 (for building tax 3,5)4,5 (for building tax 3,5)221.51.5
Usti nad Orlicí2.52.5111.51.5
Havlickuv Brod22221.51.5
Zdar nad Sazavou22111.51.5
South-Moravian region
Vyskov2,5 for land (2 for buildings)2,5 for land (2 for buildings)111.51.5
Olomouc region
Zlín Region
Uherské Hradiště3.53.52211
Moravian-Silesian Region
Novy Jicin2.52.5111.51.5
Opava3,5 for land (buildings 23.5 for land (buildings 2)2211

Who Must Give The Confession

The final amount of the tax determines the square meters of the property, the rates and the coefficients according to the law, which can be modified by the municipalities. In addition, municipalities may set a local coefficient to increase the tax burden. People who have changed the tax due to city decisions do not need to submit a new real estate tax return. The amount of the tax assessed will be notified to taxpayers by the tax office, which will send them a postal bill with a real estate tax in May.

Conversely, the admission must be made by taxpayers who have been subject to the changes that are decisive for the assessment of the tax. Typically, this is the situation where the taxpayer acquired new real estate, carried out a house extension or changed the size of the land.

Taxpayers who have donated, sold, or otherwise lost real estate may not file a tax return in some cases, and it is enough for the tax office to report a change in ownership of the property in the form of a written notice. This option is only available to a taxpayer who will lose all of his real estate in that region. If there is any other real estate left in the county, you must file a partial tax return.

Who has the filing of the return, has time to surrender it by Thursday, January 31, 2019. If a taxpayer fails to give his testimony in due time, he does not have to fear immediately. The fine is calculated from the sixth business day and amounts to 0.05% of the set tax for each subsequent day of delay, but not more than 5% of the set tax (maximum 300 thousand crowns). However, the fine shall not be imposed if the amount does not exceed INR 200.

The admission is filed with the tax office in which the real estate is located. Who has more real estate and all in one region, gives a confession to just one office. Whoever has real estate in more than one region, however, must submit a return for each region.

Beware of Electronic Submission

Taxpayers can choose how to submit their admissions in paper or electronic form. Who has an access to the mailbox that has been made available, must file a proper, additional or corrective real estate tax return electronically, in the required format. Until the year before, in the case where this entrepreneur did not meet, an automatic fine of INR 2,000 was paid. However, in the summer of 2017, the Financial Administration has amended the list of submissions that are viewed as non-defective when made otherwise than electronically, although it should be submitted electronically.

For submissions that are not listed, the new taxpayer will first receive a call from the tax administrator to submit it electronically. Only if he fails to correct his mistake will he be fined for failing to give him a confession. Such filings include property tax.

Until The Tax is Paid

The tax itself is paid annually by the owner of the property, always in advance. The tax must be paid by the end of May. If the tax exceeds INR 5000, it can be dealt with in two equal installments. Farmers and fish farmers have a deadline of 31 August and 30 November for other tax payers until 31 May and 30 November. In case someone gets a tax of less than INR 30, it does not have to pay it. Exceptions include co-ownership shares of land on which the tax is always prescribed, at a minimum of INR 50, even if it is lower.

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