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Why do We Need to Conserve our Natural Resources

In this section, we will explain why do we need to conserve our natural resources.

Need of Conservation

All natural resources are essential for the existence of life, therefore it is very important to conserve such vital resources. Conservation is the most efficient and most beneficial utilization of natural resources. There are three important objectives of conservation:

  1. To maintain the essential ecological process and the life support systems such as air, water, land, flora and fauna.
  2. To ensure proper and planned utilization of natural resources so that these are continuously available for utilization.
  3. To preserve biological diversity (both genetic diversity and ecological diversity).

Steps for the Conservation

Following steps should be taken to ensure the conservation of natural resources:

  1. Exhaustible resources should be used carefully and properly managed.
  2. New sources of energy should be discovered to minimize the over-dependence on exhaustible resources.
  3.   Awareness among masses should be spread about the importance of natural resources.
  4. Strict law should be enforced to protect miss use of resources.
  5. In-exhaustible resources should be brought more into  use.

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